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When Should You Get A Tattoo

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
When Should You Get A Tattoo

You're thinking about getting a tattoo? You have to take into account a number of basic premises before starting to take this decision because it is not always recommended to get a tattoo, especially because it is a skin wound made with ink and will stay in your body permanently. In this OneHowTo article, we will discover the situations you need to know to answer your question about when you should not get a tattoo so that you know at what point you should curb your decision to get a tattoo.

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Steps to follow:


It is strongly discouraged to get a tattoo in the summertime or at times when you're going to go to the beach or sunbathing. The reason is obvious: the color of the ink may be damaged and end up becoming having more grayish or greenish hues and your tattoo will look shabby.

The best time to get a tattoo is during the spring or fall because UVA rays are less intense and also the clothes you wear will not cause abrasions or will engage with your fresh wound. Here at OneHowTo, we tell you how to care for a new tattoo.


You should not get a tattoo due to fashion or influence from other people. Note that what you have tattooed will be part of your body throughout your life, so you know the consequences of your actions. Think a lot about the design and about the place where you want it to be certain you will always be happy with how your body will look. If you're not entirely sure whether or not you want a tattoo, we at OneHowTo recommend to put it off and think through this decision carefully.

When Should You Get A Tattoo - Step 2

Hygiene and safety are essential in getting a tattoo as a needle will be puncturing the skin in which the ink is introduced. So if some kind of bacteria or virus sneaks into that process, the results can become a disease such as hepatitis and even AIDS.

For this reason, it is important that you check the place where you go to get your tattoo and that you check the needle is new and disposable: It should only be used on you. For this reason, it is essential that before getting a tattoo, you're vaccinated for diseases such as tetanus or hepatitis B to prevent its spread.

When Should You Get A Tattoo - Step 3

Another situation in which you should not get a tattoo is if your work or social life will be affected. Although fewer, there are still some jobs or workplaces where the image of a tattoo is still denoting of a sign of irresponsibility and offers a bad first impression.

Therefore, if a good presence is required at work, it is best to not opt for a tattoo or not to do so in body areas that are visible when you go to work in your uniform (avoid, especially, neck, hands, arms, etc.).

When Should You Get A Tattoo - Step 4

Here at OneHowTo, we recommend that you have an allergy test before you get a tattoo. Therefore, it is possible, you have an allergic reaction to any component containing the tattoo ink reaction. It is best to get tested somewhere in the body, two points tattooing ink for you to examine the reaction of your body for the next two weeks.

If you do not feel any symptoms (itching, irritation, tingling, etc.) then you can get a tattoo without problem. Better safe than sorry, so make sure you are not allergic before you get an elaborate tattoo. Here at OneHowTo, we tell you how to tell if a tattoo is infected.

When Should You Get A Tattoo - Step 5

Another situation in which you should not get a tattoo is if you're drunk or drugged at the time of a tattoo. The reason is that such substances promote bleeding as they contain anticoagulant properties and, therefore, make the tattoo more painful, and hinders the healing process. In this sense, it is not recommended to do it if that day you have taken aspirin since these also contain blood clotting agents.

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When Should You Get A Tattoo