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What To Wear With White Trousers

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
What To Wear With White Trousers

White is a perfect colour for summer but, you can also wear it all year round, want to know how? At OneHowto we give you some ideas on what to wear with white pants for every season. Take some inspiration from our style guide below on what to wear with white trousers for a versatile range of looks: sophisticated, modern, or romantic, whatever you desire!

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  1. With grey
  2. White on white
  3. With stripes
  4. With burgundy
  5. With black
  6. With denim
  7. With pastel colours
  8. With marine blue

With grey

To achieve a more sophisticated style with white trousers, wear them with shades of grey. This is a perfect look for the office and to make it more formal you can style them with a blouse or shirt fort that finishing look you are looking for.

For a more trendy style, opt for camel or beige-colored boots or shoes instead of black which is too serious for this look.

What To Wear With White Trousers - With grey
Image: www.thewaywelive.net

White on white

For a fashionable 'total look' wear white trousers with other white clothes. The result is a completely in-vogue look, elegant and bright, perfect for during the day.

To add a distinctive edge to your style you can break up this monotone look with a hint of color - try some color shoes or animal print. The result is bold and feminine.

What To Wear With White Trousers - White on white
Image: www.mujercosmopolita.com

With stripes

Another option if you don't know what to wear with white trousers is a striped top; a very in look that brings your white trouser outfit together perfectly. With this combination you get a sophisticated, elegant and trailblazing style suitable for both work and play Ready for anything!

What To Wear With White Trousers - With stripes
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With burgundy

Burgundy is one of the most womanly colors that exist and, more importantly, it goes perfectly with white trousers. Opt for a shirt or blouse in this colour and top it off with a camel-coloured jacket. Or, you can choose a neutral-colored top and a wine-colored jacket.

What To Wear With White Trousers - With burgundy
Image: www.ocassa.com

With black

You can't go wrong with black and white; a combination that never goes out of style. Mix these extremes to create perfect day-to-night looks.

For an alternative monochrome look, you can choose eye-catching accessories or colored shoes; for more up-scale events it's best to stick to one block color and black or white shoes and accessories , as we can learn from Victoria Beckham.

What To Wear With White Trousers - With black
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With denim

For a casual look, you can't beat wearing white trousers with a denim top; one of this season's hottest trends. The end result is an informal and modern style which you can make a touch more glam by adding a blazer or some high-heels. It is a perfect match that works just as well for meeting your friends as a meeting at work.

What To Wear With White Trousers - With denim
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With pastel colours

If you are a fan of romantic and naïve styles, you should wear white trousers with pastel colors: pale pink, turquoise blue, mustard yellow, emerald green, etc. The end result is a fresh look that will make your look more feminine and romantic.

What To Wear With White Trousers - With pastel colours
Image: www.modareinas.com

With marine blue

One of the best looks for white trousers is a nautical theme, or in other words, sailor style. The combination of white with navy blue tones is designed to give your look that sailor feel; a perfect choice for summer.

What To Wear With White Trousers - With marine blue
Image: www.trendencias.com

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Image: www.ocassa.com
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Image: www.modareinas.com
Image: www.trendencias.com
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What To Wear With White Trousers