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What is the Curly Girl Method for Wavy Hair?

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. August 10, 2021
What is the Curly Girl Method for Wavy Hair?

If you have curly or wavy hair, you should be aware of the Curly Girl Method. Developed by hairstylist Lorraine Massey, it is a hair care routine which will help make the most of your natural curls. At oneHOWTO, we ask what is the Curly Girl Method for wavy hair? We look at which products are beat used to ensure the Curly Girl method works. This is so you can have hair which is soft, but still has well-defined curls.

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  1. What is the Curly Girl Method hair treatment?
  2. How to start the Curly Girl Method
  3. How to follow the Curly Girl Method step by step

What is the Curly Girl Method hair treatment?

The Curly Girl Method is a specific routine for curly hair care. Its objective is to get natural, elastic and frizz-free curls. Many people who have curly or wavy hair often suffer the dreaded frizz. Dryness is a great enemy of curly hair. For this reason, the curly method is designed to use products free of any ingredient that can accentuate dryness, such as sulfates, silicones or drying alcohols.

This treatment requires using so-called curly girl products. These are shampoos without silicones or sulfates. In addition to using sulfate-free shampoos, it is important to avoid the use of hair dryers, hair straighteners or other abrasive hair treatments as they are real enemies of curly hair.

If you want to show off natural, hydrated, elastic and very beautiful curls, you should follow the care proposed by the Curly Girl Method. You can also take a look at our related article on how to get rid of frizzy hair.

How to start the Curly Girl Method

As you know, the curly hair method is a prescribed treatment with which you can establish your best hair care routine if you have wavy hair. You will need to create a schedule to follow the method and achieve natural hair, free of toxicities and with perfect curls.

To start the curly method a transition phase is necessary. Your hair is used to chemicals and other external agents that can cause damage, everything from hair dye to the weather. The Curly Girl before and after method will go through this transition phase with which you will free the hair of silicones and sulfates. Therefore, this step will serve to prepare you to gain the necessary strength to look beautiful and natural in your wavy hair.

Last wash with sulfates

The first step, and one of the most important, is the last sulfate wash. This is the last hair wash before starting the curly method and it will be the one that marks the calendar. The idea is that in order to eliminate all the toxic residues present in the hair, in this first step it is important to use a shampoo with sulfates but without silicones.

Once you have your curly hair, you might want to consider a change in look. Our article on hairstyles for short curly hair can provide some inspiration.

How to follow the Curly Girl Method step by step

Once you've done the last sulfate wash, it's time to start the Curly Girl Method of treatment and start showing off perfect, natural curls. Now is the time to introduce silicone and sulfate-free shampoos into your hair care, which will be the real stars from now on. Next, we share the steps to perform the Curly Girl Method:

1. Wash hair with products suitable for the curly girl method

As we have mentioned, it is time to bet on sulfate-free, chemical-free shampoos. The important thing about this step is not to add more toxic agents to your hair and to be able to remove the toxic residues from the last wash.

If you have wavy, fine or oily hair, it is advisable to go for shampoos without sulfates or silicones. If you have thick and dry hair, we recommend opting for the co-wash. The co-wash is a technique that has become popular as a helpful hair trend.

Co-wash means we don't use shampoo to clean our hair, instead only using conditioner. This provides extra hydration and cleaning of the scalp. In this way, you will banish those products that damage your hair and as a result, you will obtain healthy and silky wavy hair. It is ideal for people who practice sports on a daily basis. The key to washing this method is to always use Curly Girl-friendly products.

2. Use of conditioner

If not using the co-wash, after shampooing your hair you should apply the conditioner. Remember that the correct way is to do it from the center of your hair to the ends. While you apply it, take the opportunity to detangle the hair with your fingers or with an open-toothed comb. By doing it wet, you will prevent it from breaking later when brushing.

Tip: move your head upside down to apply conditioner to damp or wet hair. It will be much easier and you will reach the entire desired area. Once the product has been distributed evenly, squeeze the hair repeatedly with wet hands. This technique will help the conditioner to fully penetrate the hair. Once the ritual to apply the conditioner is done, you should rinse your head with plenty of water.

We recommend applying a hair mask twice a month. With this treatment you will provide more hydration and nutrition to the hair. After applying the mask, you should let it act for between 15 and 30 minutes for it to take full effect. Afterwards, rinse with plenty of water.

What is the Curly Girl Method for Wavy Hair? - How to follow the Curly Girl Method step by step

3. Drying and definition

The crucial part of the Curly Girl Method for wavy hair is drying. As we have mentioned, the curly hair method advises against the use of a hairdryer or hair straighteners. This is because the heat can damage the hair. To dry wavy hair properly you should use microfiber towels and avoid cotton ones as they tend to frizz the hair even more. Use the towel to wipe off excess water, then allow it to air dry. In case you're in a hurry and want quick drying, you can use a diffuser on a low setting.

As for the definition of your curls, use cream, gel or foam products free of silicones and drying alcohols. Apply these products to very damp hair and distribute it evenly throughout. You must tighten the hair in the form of a spring from the ends to the roots. This is so that during the definition process, the hair does not have a thick and hard layer. We emphasize that it will be more comfortable for you to do it upside down. This technique is known as Scrunch Out the Crunch.

4. Maintenance

Finally, you should do a good maintenance after every wash and care routine. Take note of the following tips:

  • To maintain the definition of your curls for longer, we recommend that you put your hair up when sleeping with a high ponytail. You can also use a satin hat or pillow, as regular pillows can help frizz, break your hair, and cause it to lose its definition.
  • If the curls fall after a few days, give them life with a leave-in conditioner. It is the best option between hair washes.
  • Remember that the key is to use products with ingredients suitable for the curly method. Say goodbye to non-water soluble silicones, sulfates and waxes.

Now you know what is the Curly Girl Method for wavy hair, you might decide wavy hair isn't for you. If this is the case, you can take a look at our article on how to straighten curly hair.

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What is the Curly Girl Method for Wavy Hair?