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How to Clean Hair Straighteners

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. August 3, 2021
How to Clean Hair Straighteners

It shouldn't be necessary to clean your hair straighteners after each use. However, if we neglect to clean them at all, it is understandable they will become dirty over time. This is especially the case if we straighten our hair when we have temporary hair dye or other product in it. Most hair irons use ceramic plates, but it is possible to find some which use metals such as titanium. When heated, dirt which remains on the straighteners can be baked on. This can make it difficult to remove.

For this reason, oneHOWTO not only shows you how to clean hair straighteners, we also provide care tips for hair irons which allow you to prolong their life. The result will not only be good for your hair straighteners, but it will be helpful in maintaining your hair.

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How to clean hair straighteners step-by-step

Have you ever smelled your hair straighteners burning? If there is an electrical fault, your hair straighteners can overheat and cause them to burn. Otherwise, it is likely dirt on the ceramic plates of your hair straighteners is causing the burning smell. We will need to be careful when using hair straighteners not to burn ourselves, but they are generally practical and intuitive to use. However, without proper maintenance they can become dirty over time.

When a set of hair straighteners becomes dirty, we will not be able to use them properly. They will not be as effective and they can even cause damage to our hair. Whether or not you smell your hair irons burning, you will need to clean them. To know how to clean your hair straighteners properly, follow these step-by-step instructions:

  1. To clean the iron you must bear in mind that it needs to be disconnected and almost cold (warm to the touch).
  2. Moisten a clean cloth with hot water and wring it well beforehand to prevent water from entering the electrical system of the hair straighteners and damaging them. The cloth must be cotton, do not use a synthetic one.
  3. Rub the plates with the damp cloth. If your hair iron has a tilting system, emphasize the contours of the appliance, as dirt can clog them.
  4. In case the cloth is not enough to clean the ceramic plate, use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol. You can use this to eliminate any residue that you have not been previously able to remove with the damp cloth. Don't use other cleaning products as they can damage the plates, especially if you only have a ceramic coating on them.

If you have a ghd iron, you are probably worried about leaving it shiny like the first day you bought it. If you want to know how to clean ghd hair straighteners, we can affirm that the method is the same as for any other type of hair iron. Special care must be taken when cleaning any hair straighteners. We must only use the specific products recommended by each manufacturer. The damp cloth and 96% sanitary ethanol will be your greatest allies in the task of cleaning the ceramic plates of hair straighteners.

To know more about protecting your hair straighteners, take a look at our article on how to protect your hair before straightening.

Tips for caring for your hair straighteners

In addition to the cleaning routine detailed above, it is very important to take into account general care of hair straighteners. This will help to extend their useful life. Here are some tips to care for hair straighteners to keep them in good condition for longer:

  • As you have seen, cleaning the hair irons is essential to maintain its proper functioning and look after your hair. Although most people do not do so, ideally they should be cleaned after each use. However, it will always depend on how often you use the straighteners. You can establish a daily, weekly, biweekly or monthly cleaning routine (if you don't use it very often).

  • To keep the hair straighteners in perfect condition, it is not recommended to use abrasive cleaning products such as degreasers or stain removers. The humidity of the water or the sanitary alcohol it should be enough.

  • Always use cloths that do not scratch the plates, scourers in particular are prohibited. Always use soft rags or cotton.

  • Be careful how you store the straighteners. Wind the cable in a zigzag shape and not on the iron itself since you could burn the cable or break the internal wires by tightening it too much. On the other hand, it is always recommended to keep the iron in its thermal cover, designed to hold the appliance even when it is hot.

  • Do not use your iron at its maximum temperature. It is false that the hotter it is, the faster you will finish and the better the result will be. The thermal regulator of the straightener will allow you to choose the perfect temperature not only to protect your hair, but also to take care of the appliance and extend its useful life.

  • Pressing the plates hard against each other can be harmful to your iron. It will generate more friction and become abrasive. You will also punish the hair more and even increase the risk of breaking it. By exerting just enough force to make the plates close, you will help the plates glide over your hair and you will give your hair straighteners better treatment so they last much longer.

  • Do not use your hair straighteners with wet hair, unless the appliance has that feature. Of course, your hair should never be completely wet, as it will be harmful to both your hair and the iron.

  • Don't straighten your hair while you have temporary hair dye, moisturizer or similar products, unless they are compatible with straighteners. These can leave residues on the ceramic plates and cause them to become dirty more easily.

Before buying hair straighteners, you should take into account all its characteristics and advice from the manufacturer. Keeping these tips in mind and carrying out frequent cleaning of the appliance, you will improve the maintenance and performance of your hair straightener.

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How to Clean Hair Straighteners