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What Does Facial Serum Do?

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: March 24, 2022
What Does Facial Serum Do?

Do not feel bad if half the time you have no idea what products are for that you find on the shelves of pharmacies and chemists. The reality is that there are always more and more products appearing on the market and we are not always clear of the utility or benefits they can have on our daily beauty routine. But do not worry because on OneHowTo.com you can discover what facial serum does and how to incorporate it into your skin care.


  1. What is serum?
  2. What does facial serum do
  3. From what age should I start using serum?
  4. How do you apply serum?

What is serum?

If you're reading this it is because you've probably heard a lot about this cosmetic product but do not know exactly what it is. Serum is a product whose texture is similar to that of a gel, it is a concentrate that provides the skin with greater hydration, while offering various substances that can help fight the signs of aging or marks. Because of its light texture this cosmetic is absorbed by the skin much faster, and acts in deep layers of the dermis to promote their welfare.

What does facial serum do

Serum is a product that serves to deeply hydrate the skin while active features help treat specific skin conditions, so we can find anti-aging, revitalizing serums, or those that provide better overall facial tone. It is a way of offering intense nutrition to our skin as a concentrated cosmetic.

Despite its effectiveness it is good to understand that this product is not a substitute for facial moisturizing cream or anti-aging cream nor eye contour creams as these products act in the most superficial layer of the skin while the serum acts on a deeper level, thus serving as a complement to our beauty routine.

From what age should I start using serum?

All cosmetic products have an age at which it is advisable to start using them. In the case of serum it is recommended from 30 years of age and up, because during this the first signs of aging appear and you require specific products that act more on a deeper and more complete level. Anti-aging and revitalizing serum is suitable for this period.

How do you apply serum?

Now that you are clear on what serum is for and from what age it is important to start using it, surely you are wondering how to apply and when you should in your routine. It's easy:

  • The first thing to do is clean your face well with an appropriate cleanser for your skin. Your pores must be free of makeup and obstructions for the serum to enter.
  • Then apply toner to remove any residual cleanser or cleansing cream. Dry your skin gently without rubbing.
  • As a third step you should apply the serum, only use a few drops because due to its light texture it spreads easily and you do not need much product. Tap your face gently with your ring finger to facilitate absorption.
  • Then apply eye contour cream.
  • Then apply your moisturizer or anti-aging cream and you're ready. Remember to wait at least 20 minutes for all products to be absorbed before applying makeup.

It is recommended to apply serum at night, this allows the product can act on your skin while you sleep, increasing its effects. Find out how to choose the perfect serum for your face at OneHowTo.com.

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What Does Facial Serum Do?