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How to Choose the Best Anti-Aging Face Serum

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: March 24, 2022
How to Choose the Best Anti-Aging Face Serum

On the list of cosmetic methods to maintain our skin in perfect condition, anti-aging face serum stands out as one of the best options for people over 30 years of age. It is a quickly absorbed concentrated product that deeply hydrates our skin while helping to reduce the signs of aging, and it works by improving the appearance of the skin.

Choosing the right serum is essential to maximize its effects, so here at OneHowTo we'll explain how to choose the best anti-aging face serum and achieve better results.

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Steps to follow:


Serum is a quick absorption product with a light texture that gives our skin a concentrate of beneficial properties to improve its appearance, and it acts in the deeper layers of the skin. This cosmetic is recommended for people aged 30 or over.

In the general cosmetics market, the most common face serums are those with anti-aging properties. Although most serums are strong moisturizers, anti-aging face serums can also help combat the presence of spots and blemishes. The first thing to consider in order to choose the best anti-aging serum, then, are the particular characteristics and needs of your face.


If you have dry and sensitive skin the best thing to do is to choose a face serum with moisturizing properties. You should reinforce its effects by using a moisturizing face cream that nourishes and brings your skin to its soft best.

For those 50 or over, here are some specific tips on how to hydrate aging skin.

How to Choose the Best Anti-Aging Face Serum - Step 2

In the case of skin that suffers from acne, that's oily or that has marks which need to be corrected, you ought to choose a serum that smooths over the skin and improves its appearance but with a low fat concentrate. Bear in mind that those brands with pharmacological support are usually the most appropriate for these purposes.

How to Choose the Best Anti-Aging Face Serum - Step 3

Whether you already have mature skin or your first wrinkles are beginning to appear, you'll want to strengthen the fight against aging. Anti-aging face serum is especially appropriate for you.

This cosmetic product usually has chemical ingredients like retinol or collagen, which will help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and deeply nourish the skin, improving its overall appearance. Make sure you check the ingredients in the label!

How to Choose the Best Anti-Aging Face Serum - Step 4

If your skin has many of the features mentioned above, and you find it difficult to choose the best face serum out of all those options, don't worry. There are brands that offer global action face serums which moisturize, smooth skin and fight aging, a convenient option for those with combination skin.


Once you have chosen the serum, apply it in the right way to make the most of its potential and achieve soft, youthful and glowing skin. You should apply the facial serum at night or in the morning, after thoroughly cleansing your face. Follow the instructions of the particular product.

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How to Choose the Best Anti-Aging Face Serum