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What Causes Dark Circles Under your Eyes

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
What Causes Dark Circles Under your Eyes

Dark circles are one of the aesthetic problems which we face every day. Fortunately there are make-up products out there to cover them up, something that us glamazons know very well. If you are someone who wonders what causes dark circles under your eyes, you're in luck because is here to help! We will explain below.

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Steps to follow:


One of the main causes of dark circles under your eyes, as we all know, is stress and fatigue. A lack of good sleep causes blood vessels around our eyes to dilate, producing the characteristic dark color of dark circles that you notice right away because the skin there is very thin and delicate. Sometimes they are accompanied by small pouches that reveal that we had a very bad night.


Genes also play a crucial role in all of this. It is common to see people with very dark circles that are marked constantly. That's because they have parents or children with the same features. Caucasians from Northern Europe and the Mediterranean area, due to the pigmentation of their skin, are more prone to dark circles for example than those of a much darker complexion.

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A poor diet high in fat and an iron deficiency can also cause dark circles under your eyes. Iron is significantly involved in the appearance of our skin. Take a look at the best high-iron recipes for more.


Do you know what dark circles actually are? It is oxygenated blood which gets pooled under the eyes, we can see the darkish color due to the fact that the skin is thinned in this area and is more visible in the morning because blood usually accumulates more after having been lying in a horizontal position for a longer period of time. The fact that dark circles are more visible the older we get is because the skin in this area loses its fat, thus making the color of the blood even more visible.

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Remember to sleep properly and to eat a balanced diet which is rich in nutrients and minerals. This is the best way to prevent dark circles, make your skin look gorgeous and to live a healthier life.


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What Causes Dark Circles Under your Eyes