Tips For A Good Beard

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 26, 2017
Tips For A Good Beard

It's no secret that beards are in fashion. Many men have already adopted the trend and sport very lush, thick, full beards. However, to dazzle someone with your attractive appearance it's important to devote time to grooming your beard and keeping it at an appropriate length, otherwise you'll have a scruffy, disheveled appearance that can be quite unflattering. At we help you with this task, providing some simple tips for a good beard.

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Steps to follow:

One of the mistakes most men make when grooming their beard is to wash it with bath gel or their normal hair shampoo. For a good beard, it's important to know that facial hair has a different texture and requires a special soap to deeply cleanse it without causing irritation to the facial skin. In case you can't find a soap specifically for washing beards, it's best to choose a mild pH-neutral shampoo.


In addition to shampooing it, you can also use a conditioner that will help you keep your beard in tip-top condition, whenever you shower. Applying a few drops of conditioner is perfect for smoothing the hair and eliminating possible dandruff, or white particles, that appear whenever you scratch your beard. Try it and you'll notice the difference!


Other great products for taking care of your beard include natural oils specifically designed to add shine to facial hair, moisturize the skin and soften rough beards. Don't hesitate to apply some of this product on your beard after shampooing, and you'll see how it instantly improves your appearance.

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And, of course, to show off an attractive and perfect beard, you should always comb it. Although you might think otherwise, combing your beard on a daily basis with the appropriate comb is the key to having a flawless beard. It's best to comb it after having used a good shampoo and conditioner or natural oil. Use a comb that's appropriate for the density of your beard. For example, if your beard is rather short and you have fine facial hair, a small-toothed comb should be sufficient. While, on the other hand, if your beard is long and thick, you'll need a wide-toothed comb.

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Maintaining the appropriate shape and length is the key to showing off a perfect beard. Ideally, you should shave with an electric razor to achieve this or go to a professional barber once every three or four weeks, at least, to help you keep it in perfect condition and at the desired length.

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Following these tips, you'll have the perfect, manicured beard. If you also want to know what type of beard suits you best, take a look at our article on the best types of beard for your face.

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Tips For A Good Beard
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Tips For A Good Beard

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