How To Have A Perfect Hipster Beard

By Mary Smith. Updated: March 30, 2017
How To Have A Perfect Hipster Beard

Hair, hair and more hair. The modern man, who cares for his aesthetic side, has decided to break off with the image of the metrosexual and return to a harsher look where facial hair plays a leading role. This goes hand in hand with the hipster trend and returns to the aesthetics of our great-grandparents and therefore barber shops have come back into fashion. In oneHOWTO we teach you how to have a perfect hipster beard.

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┬┐Gentleman or Bohemian Gipsy?

The beard has become fashionable amongst the coolest and most famous and has been seen worn by Clooney, Pitt or model of the moment Christian Göran. They have all contributed to having this aesthetic take hold and defeat the classic metrosexual.

The hipster aesthetic has gained ground and the man who follows this trend prefers to keep a more classic and masculine image, where his face is shown in all its hairy splendor. Of course, behind this fashion there also coexist alternatives in style.

From the 'gentleman', a somewhat Victorian British look, to the 'bohemian gipsy', where presumably the beard is studied in minute detail to give a falsely neglected imprint. Beards are the rage in all their varieties: Goatee and moustache, Taliban, castaway, Hindu, dandy...

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How To Have A Perfect Hipster Beard - ┬┐Gentleman or Bohemian Gipsy?

How to choose your type of hipster beard?

Well, regardless of taste, much will depend on your type of facial hair. Clearly, if your beard is very bushy it will grow as you wish. If your face has little hair do not worry, maybe your style is that of leaving sideburns to grow. The truth is that, according to professionals, a face must be very sparse in hair to not find a perfectly suitable beards. There is something for everyone.

Of course we also have to think about what suits us best. At the end of the day, Beards are a complement and we must choose the one that best suits our personality and our taste and also the best beard for our type of face.

Typically, begin to let it grow and you must not forget that the beard will not acquire an adequate volume until after about 20 days. From there we can decide. Meanwhile it is important to go to the barber at least once a week, to cut and shape our beard, unless we want to have a face which is hairy and uncared for. The secret of a hipster beard is apparently casual, yet requires extreme care.

The hipster beard care

Once you have a fuller beard to allow you to choose, leave it to the barber to shape our hipster beard for the first time. They recommend dividing the face into two parts, with the jaw as horizontal axis. Further up the beard will be longer and thicker and will reduce, even degrade, as we descend.

As the beard gets longer, the visits to the professional can be spaced out and should take place once every three weeks. In the barbershop, other than trimming and maintaining shape, a specific shampoo for our type of beard will be applied. We should also have this product at home and a special serum that will keep the facial hair soft and shiny. You should also soften your beard so it looks in optimal condition.

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  • It's important to take your neck into account too. Shave this area properly until the beard covers it.

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How To Have A Perfect Hipster Beard
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How To Have A Perfect Hipster Beard

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