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The Best Type of Skirt for Your Body Shape

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: July 3, 2019
The Best Type of Skirt for Your Body Shape

The skirt is a piece of quintessential feminine clothing that accentuates the shape of the female body and creates a very sexy and attractive look. However, there are many types of skirts and not all of them suit each body, each of us having a given body shape and specific set of attributes. To make the right choice with this item and look good it is important to bear in mind which model suits our figure best. In OneHowTo we want to help in this task and therefore we have prepared this article so you discover what kind of skirt to wear according to my body shape.

Steps to follow:


Miniskirts. Extra short skirts are a great option for those women with long and thin legs as these skirts will stylize your figure most. Should you not want your legs to look thinner than they are now avoid wearing such skirts with very high heeled shoes. And if your calves are too thin you can wear high boots to cover them and see yourself more attractive.

Miniskirts are not suitable for women with thick legs because it will make the legs look shorter and enhance their volume. Still, if they must be worn, it is best to do so with tights and heels.

The Best Type of Skirt for Your Body Shape - Step 1

Long skirts.Maxi skirts that go to the feet are very flattering for tall women with long legs as they shorten the figure and can even be worn with flat shoes.

They are not very advisable for very petite girls as they make them appear even smaller. However, if you are short in stature but do not want renounce wearing a maxi skirt you only need to choose a model that marks the waist and avoid those that start at hip level whilst combining the skirt with high heel shoes or wedges.

The Best Type of Skirt for Your Body Shape - Step 2

Tube skirt. Pencil skirts are perfect for women who have a curvy silhouette and want to further mark and exaggerate this. They are also a good choice for smaller and thinner girls who want to add some volume to their figure. By contrast they are not advisable if what is wanted is to hide wide hips or reduce a voluptuous back side.

If you are going to wear a skirt of this type but are not thin then you should choose dark models in solid colors that are to the knee or slightly above it.

If you need extra help finding outfits with this garment, do not miss the tips in the article how to wear a pencil skirts.

The Best Type of Skirt for Your Body Shape - Step 3

A Type skirts. Skirts that are narrow at the waist and have a wider shape at the bottom are ideal to make legs look much longer. This effect can be enhanced by combining them with high-heeled shoe. It is for this reason that they are the best choice for women of small stature and short legs.

If you want to hide wide hips or a tummy you can choose a model with pockets in the front or with folds.

The Best Type of Skirt for Your Body Shape - Step 4

Besides knowing the best type of skirt for your body shape, take note of the following tips to get the effect you want and look spectacular with this very sexy and feminine garment:

  • If your legs are plump choose skirts that go to the knee or slightly above to expose the thinnest part: your calves.
  • If you want to create the illusion of lengthening the silhouette then vertical prints in skirts are the best choice.
  • To cover hips and tummy, the most suitable skirts are those adjusted to the waist and flared at the bottom.
  • To add volume to the figure the ideal skirts are those with prints and pleats.
  • To enhance the curves of the back side and make it look more voluptuous, nothing better than a pencil skirt or tight models.

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If you are not comfortable with a very short skirt or are afraid of feeling exposed but don't want to renounce the look, you might wear slim shorts underneath the skirt, as long as it or just shorter, so that they won't show when you stand or walk. They might be a bit visible when sitting, but that doesn't matter as much because they don't have to be hidden and no more worries on how to sit or if the wind blows (:.
Great article btw
OneHowTo Editor
Thank you for the input here Anto, we appreciate it!
Hey thanks so much, I love to help and contribute if I can !.
Remember the tip was not about modesty but more about preference and personal comfort on feeling more protected, but it's perfectly fine to pair it with just underwear if you are careful and at ease with it, but goes without saying. It's so very individual (:.
Btw I read that wedges or platforms can be great for more robust ankles, while stilettos more for thin legs.
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The Best Type of Skirt for Your Body Shape