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The Best Tips for Perfect Eyebrows

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: May 8, 2017
The Best Tips for Perfect Eyebrows
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Expressiveness and looking attractive rely heavily on having beautiful and well-defined eyebrows, these are responsible for framing the face and enhancing the beauty of other facial features. Maintaining trimmed eyebrows makes looking incredible very simple, just make sure you give them the proper shape and keep them at the most flattering thickness for your face shape. Do not give up, try the following these oneHOWTO tips for perfect eyebrows.

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  1. Eyebrow waxing
  2. Eyebrows according to face shape
  3. Eyebrow brush
  4. Eyebrow makeup
  5. Eyebrow colour

Eyebrow waxing

A good waxing is key to perfect eyebrows, maintaining and enhancing the beauty of your face. Follow these tips to have impeccable form:

  • Brush the eyebrows upwards with a special comb and carefully trim protruding hairs with small scissors.
  • For the perfect shape, first get a pencil and hold it upright against your nose so that it passes by your tear duct to the start of your eyebrow. This will be the exact spot where your eyebrow should start.
  • Now to know where your eyebrow arch should be, keep holding the pencil to your nose but tilt it so that it passes directly over your iris. That should be the highest point of your eyebrow.
  • Finally, determine where your eyebrow will end. To do this, continue keeping the pencil against your nostril but tilt it to the outer corner of the eye. This will be right there where your brow should end.
The Best Tips for Perfect Eyebrows - Eyebrow waxing
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Eyebrows according to face shape

To ensure that the shape of your eyebrows is perfect for you, you should also take your face shape into account. If you choose it well, this will greatly beautify your facial features and will give you a spectacularly balanced look. Pay attention to the following guidelines and discover your best option:

  • Oval face: rounded or slightly arched eyebrows
  • Round face: eyebrows arched at a slightly elevated angle
  • Long face: straight or flat eyebrows
  • Square face: eyebrows at a well-marked angle
  • Heart-shaped face: eyebrows gently rounded

Do not miss the article, How to pluck eyebrows based on face shape for many more details and to see which suits you with pictures.

The Best Tips for Perfect Eyebrows - Eyebrows according to face shape
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Eyebrow brush

This small gesture will make a big difference between well-manicured eyebrows and scruffy ones, simply brush them once a day to keep their shape intact. In the case of unruly hairs, you can spray a little hairspray on the comb before you start brushing your eyebrows.

The Best Tips for Perfect Eyebrows - Eyebrow brush
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Eyebrow makeup

If your eyebrows look sparse and you want to fill in these empty holes, you can turn to some makeup tricks. So they look perfect and, more importantly, natural, you should use a pencil that is the same color as your natural hair and carefully refill the little holes where there is less hair. Avoid using a black pencil, as this will harden your eyes and disfigure your face. Read the article, How to easily make-up my eyebrows and you can see the whole process.

The Best Tips for Perfect Eyebrows - Eyebrow makeup
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Eyebrow colour

You should pay attention to the color of your eyebrows if you have dyed hair. Although it does not necessarily need to be the same, it is more flattering if they match or that at most eyebrow color is only two shades darker than hair.

The Best Tips for Perfect Eyebrows - Eyebrow colour
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With all these tricks it will be very easy for you to have perfect eyebrows at all times and look amazing. At OneHowTo you can also find some useful tips to help naturally stimulate hair growth of your eyebrows. Find out how by reading How to make my eyebrows look thicker.

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Image: www.guiamaquillaje.com/just-makeup-but-i-like-it.blogspot.com
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Image: beautyblog.es
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The Best Tips for Perfect Eyebrows