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how to apply makeup on your Eyebrows easily

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
how to apply makeup on your Eyebrows easily

Eyebrows are one of the most important parts in our face as they frame our look and give it a special appearance. The goal is to make them amazing but that still go with our traits and generate harmony in our face, that's why we want to concentrate on how to apply makeup on your eyebrows easily and step by step with OneHowTo.com.

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Steps to follow:


The ideal is to pluck any hairs that are out of place first or even get a wax if you like, but always take into account that filled eyebrows are beautiful and the aim is not to get rid of them through waxing and making them finer.


Not all women need eyebrow makeup, for example if yours have enough hair and reach to where they should: they have to start at the end of your nostril and end a bit after the eye, completely framing it. It's probable that you may not need this trick but the truth is, we're not always lucky enough to have perfect eyebrows.

how to apply makeup on your Eyebrows easily - Step 2

Start by using a special product to apply makeup on your eyebrows: you can choose the shadow or pencil version and always choose the tone according to your hair color, two tones more if your hair is dark and two tones less if it's light (blonde or red hair).


Comb your eyebrows with a special comb to leave the hairs upright and ready for the makeup to be applied. You must also have a diagonal fine-toothed comb to apply makeup.


If you go for shadow, apply with the comb starting in the way your brow grows, trying to fill all the white gaps and giving them shape to make them look perfect. Remember not to overdo it with the product so you don't stain your eyes, it's preferable to use it little by little if necessary.


If you're using an eyebrow pencil you should draw a line across your eyebrow also in the way your hair grows and spread it with the brush. If you feel you need more after the first application you can repeat the process.


Once you have applied the makeup it's recommendable to use transparent mascara to fix the shadow or pencil. Many people also add a bit of Vaseline, which works well. But remember you need to do it in small quantities so the result isn't too sticky or greasy.


Many makeup artists and specialists recommend the use of shadow more than pencils, as they give a more natural effect. However, it's a question of personal preference, the key to good eyebrow makeup is, as mentioned previously, not to use too much if you want to look great.


Once you get the trick to eyebrow makeup, it's a question of minutes, so try it out and compare results.

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how to apply makeup on your Eyebrows easily