How to Wear Leather Jackets for Men

By Max. D Gray. September 29, 2022
How to Wear Leather Jackets for Men

There are few pieces of clothing as timeless as the leather jacket. Part of the reason for this is the almost endless wealth of variations on the type of leather jacket you can wear. It may seem like a different age, but there was a time when wearing a leather jacket was either for strictly practical purposes or because you wanted to show yourself as an outsider to society. Nowadays, leather jacket outfits for men and women are widely accepted. Moreover, they

At oneHOWTO, we show how to wear leather jackets for men. We style different outfits which can go with a leather jacket, but don't forget to add your own personal spin to it. Just like a leather jacket itself, these styles are adapted to the wearer.

Leather jacket with jeans

While black goes with anything, brown leather jackets for men can be a little trickier. However, you can't go wrong when wearing a leather jacket with jeans. This is a winning combination for any shade and style of jean. It is almost exclusively a casual look, but if you want something formal, we have more leather jacket outfits below. This one is a great day-to-day style and very comfortable.

If you want to make it last as long as possible, take a look at our article on cleaning a suede jacket.

How to Wear Leather Jackets for Men - Leather jacket with jeans

Leather jacket with t-shirts

Leather and rock ‘n’ roll are practically synonymous. To give a touch of personality, why not wear your leather jacket with a t-shirt of your favorite band? Of course, this can also look great with jeans, but this outfit is something which shows both style and taste. Just make sure you actually like the band, no one likes a poser!

How to Wear Leather Jackets for Men - Leather jacket with t-shirts

Leather jacket with buttoned shirt

Whether buttoned-up or buttoned-down, wearing a shirt with buttons might seem too formal for a leather jacket, but this is a great look. For brown leather jackets for men, a white shirt and blue jeans can provide style without looking too formal. If you opt for a black leather jacket, plaid buttoned shirts are something which will never go out of style. Whether lumberjack style or indie casual, shirts and leather jackets are a style that has never gone away.

If you have a moral opposition to leather, there are other options available. Take a look at our article on vegan leather and how it's made.

How to Wear Leather Jackets for Men - Leather jacket with buttoned shirt

Leather jacket with a sweater

Especially if it is cold, a leather jacket and sweater combination is an emphatically great look. The sweater keeps you warm and the jacket makes you look good doing it. There are also so many different sweater/leather jacket combinations to choose from. Here we provide two particularly stylish looks this season.

V-neck or round neck sweater

With V-neck or round neck sweaters and a leather jacket you will have your perfect daily look. It is the simplest and most comfortable leather jacket look. You can choose something a little snug with a tight-knit sweater and a sleek black leather racing jacket. Equally, you can go for a loose sweater and a baggy bomber jacket which is the perfect level of slacker cool.


There was a time when turtlenecks were only the domain of beat poets and geography professors. Fortunately, the turtleneck revolution of the 2020s has put an end to that (no shade to poets or teachers). It is a sophisticated look which goes well with a slim leather jacket or even a leather blazer.

Ideally this leather jacket combination should go with dark colors such as black, dark brown, dark gray or even navy (although the latter generally goes better with brown leather). If you really want to up the professorial look, why not choose a leather jacket with some elbow patches, although this is a bold move even for us.

How to Wear Leather Jackets for Men - Leather jacket with a sweater

Leather jacket with a hoodie

While it is a look which has been around for a longtime, wearing a leather jacket with a hoodie was once only worn for those of us who needed an extra layer going to the grocery store. It's now a bona fide style of its own with a lot of male celebs choosing this look for both their day-to-day and smart casual looks. It is a sporty, youthful style which is as great with jeans as it is with some trendy sweatpants. It is style, comfort and a spory touch all in the same look.

How to Wear Leather Jackets for Men - Leather jacket with a hoodie

How to wear a brown leather jacket for men

Now that you know how to get your best leather jacket looks, we want to give you some tips to get the most out of a brown leather jacket for men. It is a very versatile color that you can combine very easily,. but there are some pitfalls to avoid.

Ideally, we want to combine a brown leather jacket with basic solid colors such as white, black, blue or gray. This will be the base of your upper garments (t-shirts, shirts, sweatshirts, jumpers, etc.) to enhance the brown tones. Bright colors or too busy a pattern can make the look seem fussy. With a brown leather jacket, you want to stay as classic as possible.

In terms of pants and shoes for a brown leather jacket, it is best to combine it with denim jeans, preferably light blue so that the brown stands out more. You can complete this leather jacket for men with brown ankle boots and a white t-shirt. This look does not fail.

Finally, if you are thinking of buying a brown jacket, we recommend you go for honey, camel or a mid-tone brown. These tones are much easier to combine than dark brown. This fall, you cannot miss a leather jacket in your wardrobe.

While there is nothing quite like the feel of a genuine leather jacket, there are incredible faux leather jacket options which are both stylish and sustainable. Learn more with our articles on how to clean a synthetic leather jacket and how to repair a peeling faux leather jacket.

How to Wear Leather Jackets for Men - How to wear a brown leather jacket for men

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How to Wear Leather Jackets for Men
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How to Wear Leather Jackets for Men

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