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How to Wear High Boots With Skirts

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Wear High Boots With Skirts

Hey there, Pippi Longstocking! High boots with skirts are very handy and make a great look for any casual occasion. From long ago, this style became fashionable in the cooler months of the year and it is ideal to overcome the cold slumber of winter. True story. In this inspiring OneHowTo article, we give you some tips on how to wear high boots with skirts.

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Steps to follow:


A pair of high boots are a type of footwear that is essential in all wardrobes. To achieve the perfect look with a skirt, it is preferable that the boots snuggly fit your legs, i.e. are not too wide. Thus the boot will stick to your leg and will not make you look like a lopsided giraffe.


Think proportion. Choose the length of your skirt depending on your boots, or vice versa. A short skirt serves any type of boot, but when the skirt is a little longer, keep in mind that the skirt should not end where the boot begins, give space to show off some leg.

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If you wear long skirts, you should check that the skirt ends at least before the beginning of the boot. In fact, it's recommended not to pair high boots with skirts that are longer than knee length, unless you are looking for a boho-chic look.

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Make sure your boots and your socks are not the same color and tone. It is better to play with color and tones to give you a better feeling and to highlight your boots. If you want a great fashion tip, make sure your socks are a little bit longer than your high boots so you can fold the sock over the top of the boot to create contrast.

If you combine same colored boots and skirt, make sure your top is a different color so your look is not too boring.

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Thigh high boots have been in these last seasons and, the good news is, they are not only for casual-wear, they also look great for more formal occasions or a night out! Combine with a short, long-sleeved dress or a classy skirt and shirt to look fabulous!

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But what to do with that gap that separates the skirt from the boot? We say leave it bare, but if it's too cold and skin-colored tights are not for you, then we recommend you don't use the same color tights as your boots or skirt (or choose very thin ones so they are quite translucent). Instead, go for a color that combines with another piece of clothing you're wearing.

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How to Wear High Boots With Skirts