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How to Use a Pumice Stone

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: August 28, 2017
How to Use a Pumice Stone

Have you heard of a stone and its benefits for the skin? It is a volcanic stone that is usually white in color and is an excellent tool to removing dead skin or eliminate corns and calluses from the feet. That is why it is widely used, especially in the pedicures and exfoliation treatment, leaving a much smoother, beautiful skin. If you want to know how to use pumice stone correctly, pay attention to the following tips in this oneHOWTO article.

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Uses of the pumice stone

Although the pumice stone is mainly known for calluses, pumice stones have many different uses. Pumice comes from the mix of hot lava and water that, when dry, solidifies and produces this famous stone with dents. It is precisely these dents that make it great for the following:

  • Getting rid of calluses on feet and hands
  • Body hair removal
  • Cleaning mineral deposits in toilets
  • Cleaning the oven and the hob
  • Getting rid of unwanted hair on sofas and other fabric furniture
  • Getting rid of bobbles on woolen jumpers
  • Distressing jeans

How to use a pumice stone for feet

Exfoliating the feet is essential if you want to keep then nice, soft and manicured. This part of the body spends much of its time enclosed in shoes and corns and calluses regularly appear, which making them unattractive. Pumice is a perfect tool that will help you get rid of the rough edges of your feet offering an ideal texture for delicate parts. Take a look at our step by step guide on how to use a pumice stone for feet:

  1. Prior to using pumice you need to thoroughly clean your feet, allowing them to soak in warm water and applying preferably a pH neutral liquid soap.
  2. Once your feet are properly cleaned, with the stone in the water and keeping your feet slightly soapy, rub the pumice across those areas where you have corns and calluses. Do it with gentle, circular movements, focusing on the parts for corns, bunions, roughness, cracks, etc.
  3. If your feet are left without soap, reapply a bit and soak them for a little, so that when using pumice the skin does not dry out too much. You will feel like your feet are much smoother instantly. After the exfoliation, apply a moisturizer.

We recommend using pumice one to three times per week always following the above procedure. With this use you can keep beautiful, silky feet throughout the year.

How to Use a Pumice Stone - How to use a pumice stone for feet

How to use a pumice stone for calluses on hands

Hands are much more delicate than feet which is why using a pumice stone can be a bit tricky if you want to avoid cuts and irritation. Use a small pumice stone and remember to previously wash it with water, so that the surface is soft and you don't hurt yourself.

  1. Soak your hands in warm water with Epsom salt for around 15 minutes.
  2. When the area of hand calluses is softened, get the pumice stone and gently rub it in circular motions on the calluses, being careful you don't rub against other parts of your hand.
  3. Dry your hands carefully and properly.
  4. Once dry, apply a hand moisturizer.

There is another use of a pumice stone related to hands. If you want to get rid of nail cuticles, a pumice stone proves effective in doing so.

How to use a pumice stone for hair removal

As well as its scrubbing use, you can also use a pumice stone as a natural method of plucking body hair although it is not a technique recommended for dry skin and provides results very slowly. If you want to try, you just have to use the pumice in the area to be waxed with smooth rotary motion. The skin should be moistened with a soapy layer. For more detailed information, take a look at how to use a pumice stone for hair removal.

Moreover, it's also used for more sensitive areas where there is hair removal such as the underarms though, if not used correctly it can damage sensitive skin.

How to Use a Pumice Stone - How to use a pumice stone for hair removal

How to use a pumice stone to distress

In the world of fashion, it is popular to use a pumice stone to get a distressed effect in jeans, also known as a worn effect. You simply have to rub the pumice stone on the jeans (on a flat surface) until you get the level of wear you want.

How to use a pumice stone for cleaning

Surprisingly enough, you can also use a pumice stone for home cleaning purposes. Use a pumice stone to get rid of any mineral debris found in toilets and sinks by scrubbing a wet pumice stone with a commercial cleaner. Scrub until the deposits come off.

Another way to use a pumice stone for cleaning is to get rid of those unwanted pet hairs that stick to sofas and armchairs. As you would with a scraper, drag the pumice stone across the sofa gently. This will gather the hairs and you'll easily be able to remove them and throw them away in the bin.

Last but not least, it can also be used to clean a hob or oven. In this case, you will use a pumice stone as it it were a scourer. With the wet pumice stone, you'll need to gently scrape off any residue of grease or burnt areas, making sure the stone remains moist to avoid unwanted scratches.

Remember you should never use a pumice stone for cleaning that you also use for your skin under any circumstances!

How to clean a pumice stone

As the main use of a pumice stone is on your skin, it's highly important to know how to clean it after every use in order to avoid accumulation of bacteria and dirt. There are many ways and methods to clean a pumice stone, although the basics is to properly scrub the stone with an antiseptic product and to dry it properly in order to avoid the creation of fungus.

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