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How to make an exfoliating foot scrub

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 20, 2017
How to make an exfoliating foot scrub

Feet, although we tend to ignore them, are the most affected body parts of everyone and suffer every day, for supporting our weight and feel the effects of being almost in direct contact with the ground. To avoid cracked heels, the appearance of hard skin and to have beautiful and healthy looking feet it is essential to care and to moisturise and exfoliate them constantly. In this OneHowTo article we tell you how to make an exfoliating foot scrub check it out and see how they are softer and refreshed.

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Steps to follow:


Exfoliating the skin of the feet is a simple operation that we can carry out once a week. By doing this, all the dead cells are removed,reducing calluses and rough, thick skin becomes silky and moisturised. There are some very effective natural products to develop homemade exfoliating foot scrubs. See some of them.

How to make an exfoliating foot scrub - Step 1

Sugar is one of the most effective natural products to exfoliate the skin and, in combination with honey you get a perfect blend to leave your feet precious and soft. Just mix two tablespoons of sugar with honey and apply the resulting paste on your feet, massaging well. Then remove with warm water and apply a moisturizing foot cream.


A great exfoliating foot scrub to make at home is one that includes salt, oatmeal and aloe vera. The latter is very beneficial for nourishing, regenerating and soothing the skin. If you want to try this cream add a spoon of each ingredient to a bowl and mix well. Apply on clean feet well, notice how the salt exfoliates your feet completely and the oats and aloe vera moisturize and hydrate.

How to make an exfoliating foot scrub - Step 3

Another homemade formula that will serve to exfoliate your feet is a lotion based on sugar and almond oil. Almond oil is a product that provides excellent softness and elasticity to the skin, which together with the exfoliating properties of sugar can be great for removing dead cells on your feet. Mix one tablespoon of sugar with the almond oil, rub gently and rinse with warm water to finish.

How to make an exfoliating foot scrub - Step 4

Do not forget to apply a good Moisturizing Lotion after each treatment to soothe the skin from the effects caused by exfoliating creams. Thus, your feet will always look beautiful and with a velvety touch.


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How to make an exfoliating foot scrub