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How to Prevent Hair Loss from Stress

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: March 24, 2022
How to Prevent Hair Loss from Stress

Stress and accumulated tension can trigger several emotional signs and symptoms that are pretty notorious, such as bad humor, anxiety, insomnia, mood swings, etc., but also some physical ones like hair loss or nervous alopecia. This generally happens because the hair bulb weakens when we are suffering from stress and anxiety. Therefore, hair falls excessively. In this OneHowTo article, we help you prevent this situation showing you the measures you should take to prevent hair loss from stress and strengthen your hair quickly. Take note!

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Steps to follow:


Nervous alopecia has general hair loss as a main symptom, this means hair falls in the same amount around the scalp, not locally. Therefore, what you will usually notice is a significant decrease of hair density and a diffuse loss of hair that happens during periods of stress or psychic tension.

This, generally, is a temporary condition and when you get over this stressful period or emotional crisis, your hair will grow back normally after a few weeks all by itself and will be as full of life and strength as it used to be. If the hair doesn't grow again, it will be necessary to go to a specialist to start the most adequate treatment.


Any situation which generates stress, anxiety or depression can cause excessive hair loss, which is why the first measure to solve this problem will always be to reduce physical and emotional stress and go back to calmness. If you have been in this situation for a long time, the best thing to do is to consult a professional psychologist and start therapy to help you overcome it effectively.

On the other hand, to have a calm and relaxed life you can use some methods we describe below:

  • Practice physical exercise: While practicing physical activity endorphins are released, chemical substances that favor a good mood and boost happiness. Moreover, you'll manage to get rid of accumulated tension and sleep better at night.
  • Meditation: Getting started with meditation is ideal to learn to synchronize breathing and concentration, which will help both mind and body relax and leave those negative thoughts aside that trigger stress.
  • Relaxing discipline: Practice Yoga or Pilates as it's a great way to tone your body while you stimulate relaxation. They are excellent for internal peace and fighting conditions such as stress, anxiety and depression.
  • Relaxing massages, laughter therapy, hydrotherapy, going to a spa...

To prevent hair loss the first thing to consider is the tool with which you comb every day; it is advisable to use a soft-bristled comb to avoid pulling your hair. It is best if the comb is made of natural fibers.

How to Prevent Hair Loss from Stress - Step 2

Apart from relaxing activities, it's essential to strengthen capillary fibers with the adequate nutrients to avoid excessive hair loss due to stress. Follow a balanced and healthy diet in which vitamins A,B,C and minerals such as zinc are present; all of these are basic to favor the oxygenation of hair follicles, get your hair to grow strong, dense,hydrated and healthy.

Moreover, you shouldn't forget to stay well hydrated internally by drinking a minimum of 2 liters of water per day, as this is the key to keep your hair hydrated and conditioned.

One way to prevent hair loss is to rub a few drops of fish liver oil into the scalp. While you apply, you must perform a gentle massage to stimulate the circulation. Apply this oil before going to bed and leave it on for the whole night; the next day, you can wash your hair to remove the oil.

How to Prevent Hair Loss from Stress - Step 3

The way in which you care for your hair daily will also influence hair loss, as certain bad habits can accentuate the weakness of capillary fibers and, therefore, increase hair loss. We recommend you take these tips into account:

  • To comb your hair, it's important to use a comb with soft and wide bristles. When your hair is wet it's much weaker, which is why you should untangle it after getting rid of the moist and do so carefully.
  • Nourish your hair once a week with a fortified and revitalizing mask.
  • Do not put your hair under the high temperature of hair dryers, straighteners, curlers, etc; too frequently.
  • Avoid wearing tight hairdos such as ponytails, braids or buns very often, as these can worsen your condition. You should also make sure you use quality products for correct hair care.
  • Cut the tips of your hair at least once a month so the hair hair renew itself and doesn't break easily.
How to Prevent Hair Loss from Stress - Step 4

To give your hair some extra strength and nutrition, there's nothing better than to enrich it with some natural products that are great allies to prevent and slow down excess hair loss. There are many treatments available, but among the best natural remedies to prevent hair loss are the following:

  • Massage your scalp for at least 10 minutes with strengthening oil such as rosemary, olive or coconut oil.
  • Apply an aloe vera gel on your scalp and leave it on for 45 minutes. Aloe vera is a plant that will help with hair loss, as it contains a great variety of nutrients with vitamins, minerals and trace elements that can help regenerate and rejuvenate hair strands completely.
  • Dilute 2 spoonfuls of apple cider vinegar, stir and use the mix as a hair product once your hair is washed. Leave it on for 10 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water. Apple cider vinegar can favor hair growth and prevent premature aging.
How to Prevent Hair Loss from Stress - Step 5

Before carrying out medical treatment is advisable to visit a specialist to give you the keys to how to prevent hair loss and design a plan tailored to your needs. Here is a link to how to prevent hair loss using ginger.

How to Prevent Hair Loss from Stress - Step 6

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How to Prevent Hair Loss from Stress