Painting fingernails

How to Paint Your Fingernails

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Paint Your Fingernails

Painting your nails well without staining the skin and leaving lumps or remaining layers is a task that can sometimes be quite complicated and, for this reason, we often leave it to professional beauticians. But the truth is that it may appear more complicated than it actually is.

Following a few simple tips you can have a beautiful manicure at home and get results with perfectly presentable and decorated nails. Take note of all the steps in this OneHowTo article where we show how to paint your fingernails easily and quickly.

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Steps to follow:


Before you start painting your nails it is essential that these have a neat appearance. And this will require that, before applying polish, you remove cuticles and hydrate them, file the nails into the desired shape and withdraw any dirt or remaining nail polish using a cotton swab moistened with a little nail polish remover.

How to Paint Your Fingernails - Step 1

Now your nails are ready to be painted with the color that you like. The first thing you mustn't forget to do is to apply a layer of hardener or transparent varnish.This way, you'll strengthen the nails and you'll prevent the polish from reaching the cuticles when you apply it. Moreover, the polish will remain intact for much longer. In our article how to make homemade nail hardener you can see a simple way to make it yourself.

How to Paint Your Fingernails - Step 2

When you are about to apply the varnish on the nails, it is important that you do it from the middle and stretch it out vertically. Follow one direction and you will see how you get completely smooth and nicely painted nails.

We advise you not to use varnishes which are too old as with these all you will get is thick layers and clumping. Store your nail polishes in the fridge to keep them in perfect condition and lengthen their duration and effectiveness.

How to Paint Your Fingernails - Step 3

Before applying varnish you need to shake the contents a little, but in any case you must not do this by shaking up and down as this will cause the paint to form air bubbles on the nails. Instead, try placing the bottle between your hands and roll it horizontally.


To stop your nail varnish from coming off, apply thin layers at all times. Avoid thick layers and also leave your nails to stand for each coat to dry. Do not apply a new layer until the previous one is completely dry, as unsightly marks or scratches may appear.

Here are some tips to dry nail polish faster.

How to Paint Your Fingernails - Step 5

Surely, you'll want your nails to maintain the perfect color for a long time and not have the nail polish crack at the first opportunity. For this, there is nothing better than sealing the varnish by applying a final coat of clear polish or hardener. This will also give you incredible shine.

If you follow all these steps, you will know how to paint your nails and not have to visit a professional manicure centre.

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  • Always paint your nails when they are clean.
  • Clean your hands and hydrate them.
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How to Paint Your Fingernails