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How to make homemade orange essential oil

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 20, 2017
How to make homemade orange essential oil

Orange essential oil is obtained from the skin of this delicious citrus and is one of the most widely used in aromatherapy,because of the magnificent properties oranges offer. It provides a nice sweet aroma and is excellent for promoting relaxation, to make your clothes smell good, besides being a powerful antiseptic and natural anti-inflammatory. If you would like to get access to all these benefits immediately, in the following OneHowTo article we show you a recipe for making orange essential oils at home. Do not miss it!

You'll need:

  • oranges
  • vodka
  • Jar with a lid.
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Steps to follow:


The first step in making orange essential oil is to peel oranges to remove the skin. Try to remove all traces of white coating on the skin of the orange, you can scratch it to remove it all. Take into account that the more orange peels used, the more intense the essential oil will be.

How to make homemade orange essential oil - Step 1

Now, take a can or glass jar with a cover to close it later. Enter the orange peel into the pot and add the vodka until it completely covers the skin shells to cover. Cover the glass jar and shake vigorously for a few seconds.


Once you do this, you must place the glass jar in a cool dark place so that orange peels marinade in the vodka for a week at least. It is desirable that during those days, you shake the bottle for a few seconds in order to obtain the highest possible content of orange essential oils.

How to make homemade orange essential oil - Step 3

After a period of one week, you should strain the mixture of orange and vodka. To do this, take a bowl, put a coffee filter over the top and pour the mixture out, removing the bottle and orange peels. Place the bowl with the orange liquid in a well-ventilated space so that the alcohol evaporates.


A few days later, when you notice that the liquid does not smell of alcohol, you will have your Orange essential oil ready for packaging and use. Pack it in a jar with a lid and, if possible, keep it in a dark place. This will give conserve all its properties.

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How to make homemade orange essential oil - Step 5

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Would something with a high alcohol content like Everclear work better? Or just cheap vodka?
Ssgt "P"
It was explained plain & simple .Going get the vodka .Tkx .Merry Christmas .
OneHowTo Editor
Can you use white rum instead of vodka? & is 80 proof (40%) alright to use?
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Pat,

The reason why vodka is used is because it an alcohol which is relatively flavorless. If you use rum it will still infuse with the orange, but it will also have the flavor of the rum you use. Rum is also usually quite sweet tasting, so it will depend on what you are using it for. Hope this helps!
i'm going to use this to make a solid cologne, thoughts? Would this also be the way to make lemon essential oil? Thanks!
Can you use ethanol on its own.
How is it different if you use the olive oil and boiling water method? Is it the same result?
Many regards, awesome post
Does it affect the results if first I dry the peel? I would like to make more at once, using the peel of many oranges, but I don't want them to get mouldy before adding the vodka.
OneHowTo Editor
It shouldn't affect the final result, no.
Hope this helps
I tried this and I'm at the point where I'm letting the alcohol evaporate. It's been a week and i can still smell the alcohol in it. Is there a way I can speed it up? should I heat it to try to evaporate it or how long do you think it will take? Thanks!
OneHowTo Editor
One week is for the alcohol to get its essence, you'll need around 4 days more for the alcohol to evaporate, depending on how well ventilated the place where you've stored the essential oil is.
Terence Kennedy
Using this method prox how many oranges necessary to make one ounce of oil?
OneHowTo Editor
One full peel should be enough for one ounce of orange essential oil, though it will depend on how intense you want the scent to be.
Let us know about the results!
Nana christiana
Comment or question what is vodka?
Alice T Breeze (oneHOWTO editor)
Vodka is an alcoholic spirit made of distilled water and ethanol.
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How to make homemade orange essential oil