How to make aloe vera soap at home

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 22, 2020
How to make aloe vera soap at home

Aloe vera is an excellent plant for skin care because it helps regenerate skin tissues and always keep them healthy and hydrated. In this OneHowto article, we will focus on how to make aloe vera soap, which is ideal for treating irritated, chapped or blotchy skin as well as acne, psoriasis, etc. With this very simple method that you can do at home, don't hesitate to take advantage of the many benefits of this natural soap.

You'll need:
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Steps to follow:

To make this homemade soap, besides aloe vera you will also need: olive oil, water, caustic soda (lye), and an essential oil if you want to give your soap a particular scent.

How to make aloe vera soap at home - Step 1

First, boil the water and then pour it into a plastic container.


Leave the water to cool to room temperature (about an hour) and then add the caustic soda. Adding lye to water releases fumes, do it is a good idea to do this in an open space or in a well-ventilated area. Wear gloves due to the corrosiveness of the lye.


You need to next cut open the aloe vera to take out the pulp using a knife and a spoon. Beat the aloe vera pulp and temper the olive oil in the microwave.

How to make aloe vera soap at home - Step 4

When the mixture has cooled it is time to gradually add some olive oil. Don't forget to keep stirring the mixture in the same direction until you feel it thicken.


Now add the aloe vera to the mixture and stir. When it is almost set, if you want to you can add in a little essential oil such as lavender, rose, etc.


Finally, when you get an even mixture, just pour it into a mould, which is broad and shallow. The next day, it will have turned into a more solid mass allowing you to cut the aloe vera soap into pieces. Then you must let the pieces sit for 15-30 days to give them enough time to harden before you can start using them.


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How to make aloe vera soap at home - Step 8

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hey this is an amazing idea and I will defiantly try it guys ..thank you very much.
Fisseha Desta
How i remove tallow odor while i make soap?
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Fisseha
Some tips in keeping the tallow smell at a minimum is by:
1. Ventilating your home well, open windows and use a fan.
2. Make sure to preserve it well, the minute it shows signs of mould, remove it from your home.
3. Mixing lemon juice, salt and water to remove the smell after washing.
4. Freezing the tallow. Heat makes tallow smell stronger.
Thanks for the information. Please suggest me the best glycerin soap with aloe vera that can nourish my skin during summers.
Bekalu Tesfaye Tirfe
I would like to prepare such type of soap
waqar hussain
kindly tell me how i can make alovera soab at home
OneHowTo Editor
Follow the steps mentioned in the article above to make aloe vera soap.
Hope this helps
elizabeth osei
i made an aloe vera soap and did not add any soda it did not work that why i used it the next and it did work
really i got it very intersiting, i been seen that some people makin
g aloe soap as one of IGA.

Hello there! I just wanted to mention that this recipe doesn't sound right! If you want to make soap from scratch, yes you have to use LYE, but you don't boil the water, just add LYE to cold distilled water. if it's not from scratch - you use melt and pour soap (soap base). And is you really want to make it from scratch you have to wear the safety gear or you can burn yourself... If you are not an expert you better use m&p soap.
This recipe doesn't sound right to me either. I have made aloe vera soap before and did NOT boil the water. I used distilled in one recipe and Brita filtered water in another. I have only been soaping for four months now and my soaps have turned out beautifully.
Hi sorry caustic soda is lye. Also known as sodium hydroxide. It should never be added to hot water only to ice cold water
l pinder
step five says to add olive oil. should it say to add lye solution.
OneHowTo Editor
Hi there,
This recipe for soap doesn't use lye, olive oil is correct. Hope it helps

How to make aloe vera soap at home
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How to make aloe vera soap at home

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