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How to Lighten the Color of Back Hair

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Lighten the Color of Back Hair

Particularly for women, although also for many men, there is a social pressure to remove unwanted hair. Although it can be remedied in public with a jumper, high back dress or any sort of opaque top, having back hair can add to insecurity, especially in situations were your back is exposed such as in changing rooms or even when being intimate with someone. Being accepting and even proud of it is possible and enlightened, but it takes a strength of self which can be rare and it is up to the individual how they want to present themselves. Removing the hair is one option, but this oneHOWTO article tells you how to lighten the color of back hair which might be enough to keep it out of mind if not literally off your back.

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  1. Bleach cream
  2. Lighten your hair with hydrogen peroxide
  3. Lighten your hair with lemon
  4. Other natural remedies

Bleach cream

If you have hair on your upper lip which you want to obscure, you may have used a gentle bleach cream to lighten the hair. This is a cream which can come in different strengths and formulas, so you should speak to a professional to find the one which works best for you. As your back skin is a little more durable, you may be able to use a stronger one, especially if you have very dark back hair. Even the stronger ones, however, are usually completely pain free. However, always try it first on a small patch of skin on your arm or leg just to make sure you don't have an allergy to it. If your skin turns red or blotchy even if it's not for a couple of hours, you probably do.

To apply it, simply rub the cream into the area of hair which you want to lighten. After about 10 minutes, simply have a show and wash it off. As it can be difficult to reach the area you want to treat you can either ask for help from someone you trust or use a spatula to get to the hard to reach places.

How to Lighten the Color of Back Hair - Bleach cream

Lighten your hair with hydrogen peroxide

Although often less effective, it is possible to us a back hair lightening treatment with a homemade solution. Hydrogen peroxide, for example, is a good product to hide those unwanted dark hairs in plain sight. Like the bleach cream always try it out on a patch of skin first in case of allergies and keep away from any cuts or open wounds.

For best results, we recommend the following mixture:

  • Mix 15 drops of hydrogen peroxide, 2 tablespoons of powdered milk and 2 drops of liquid glycerine
  • Rub the paste which you get from this with a cotton pad on the affected area
  • You may need help with this one and it is perhaps not enough to apply with a spatula
How to Lighten the Color of Back Hair - Lighten your hair with hydrogen peroxide

Lighten your hair with lemon

Among the beauty properties of lemon is the fact that it is a great bleaching agent, making it an excellent home remedy to lighten dark hair. It might just work on that dark back hair also if you give it a try. Dilute the lemon juice with 1 part lemon to 3 parts water and apply it to the area for about 20 minutes before washing out. It is important not to expose the skin to sunlight afterwards as this can lead to dark spots on the skin.

How to Lighten the Color of Back Hair - Lighten your hair with lemon

Other natural remedies

In addition to these natural treatments for concealing dark hair, you can try other home remedies with hair-lightening effects, such asa chamomile infusion or apple vinegar.

The procedure is the same for both: apply with a cotton disc, leave it on for 20 minutes and wash off well with water afterwards.

If you have any other bright ideas (get it?), please leave us a comment below to share with the community.

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How to Lighten the Color of Back Hair