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How to Dress Well With Little Money

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 20, 2017
How to Dress Well With Little Money

If you think you need to spend a lot of money on clothes for a stylish and fashionable look, you're very mistaken. The concept of dressing well is very relative, although we understand it to mean following trends and knowing how to combine clothes. From, here are some tips on how to dress well with little money.

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The first thing you should do is fill your wardrobe with basic, versatile and simple garments that never go out of style. Single-colour t-shirts, vests, low-cut and long-sleeve tops, jeans and simple jackets. These basic garments are not difficult to combine. We recommend you stick with black and white, because they are colours that match everything.

How to Dress Well With Little Money - Step 1

You need a basic wardrobe for special occasions. One popular garment is the little black dress. This is a black dress that is not very long and is characterised by the possibility of combining it with other things. You can wear a wide belt, match it with a necklace and make it look different every time you wear it, especially if you play with colours. They are usually very cheap and never go out of style. They also make you look expensive for cheap. If you are unsure what to wear it with, you can consult our article: How to accessorise a little black dress.

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How to Dress Well With Little Money - Step 2

Buy it in ready-to-wear stores. While you can find some expensive clothes in the big chains, there are always some good finds. Cheap simple footwear, basic clothing and many sales.


Buy a jacket. This garment is fashionable and seems like it'll stick around for a few seasons. A jacket can save more than one problem. You can decorate it with pins or leave it as it is. Remember that depending on how you combine or modify a garment with accessories it can look completely different.

How to Dress Well With Little Money - Step 4

Jeans may be your favourite garment. That's because jeans are good for almost any occasion. You can combine some skinny jeans with trainers during the day or with high heels at night. Jeans are a versatile garment and are always in fashion.

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How to Dress Well With Little Money - Step 5

Also, when your old jeans are old and worn, you can cut them and turn them into shorts. Or you can decorate them with studs or cut them more for a grungy look.

How to Dress Well With Little Money - Step 6

Tights are also very versatile and economical, ideal to wear with any simple skirt. When tights rip, you can always do what you did with the jeans: rip them more. This underground look never gets old.

How to Dress Well With Little Money - Step 7

A simple pair of black shoes can also help you look cool for little money. And you can pair them with jeans or a dress. Remember that good stilettos are always perfect for special occasions.

How to Dress Well With Little Money - Step 8

Combine all your clothes with accessories. From necklaces to earrings, scarves, rings and belts. All these little things can be found at very low prices and using them will give you a completely different look.

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How to Dress Well With Little Money