Little Black Dress

How To Accessorise A Little Black Dress

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How To Accessorise A Little Black Dress

An essential element in the wardrobe of every girl, which is also known as a "must" is a simple black dress. This type of clothing is great especially for formal occasions but, how can we accessorise it? On OneHowTo we offer you some ideas to accessorize a little black dress and get much more out of this standard but iconic piece of clothing.

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Steps to follow:


Blazer. These sophisticated jackets are ideal to wear with all kinds of dresses. All kinds of colors and sizes, always in line with the rest of our accessories, the length of the dress, etc.

Go for bright colors so that you stand out and don't look too dull.

How To Accessorise A Little Black Dress - Step 1

Small and large bags. For example handbags in various colors that can be combined with other accessories. Also bags with string, which give a formal touch to your wardrobe. Combine with your shoes so they match to perfection.

How To Accessorise A Little Black Dress - Step 2

Silver necklaces and bracelets. They stand out with black dresses and are not too formal. If you are going for a classy and formal look, yellow gold also looks great with black dresses. If none of these options appeal to you, opt instead for a classic pearl necklace. You can never go wrong with a black dress and pearl necklace.

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How To Accessorise A Little Black Dress - Step 3

Wear red. Combining red and black has always been a very wise choice. Wear a red belt or red shoes (ballet flats will look great for a more casual look) to add a touch of color to your dress. Make sure you only add a hint of red, and not too much red otherwise your style may look a bit Gothic.

How To Accessorise A Little Black Dress - Step 4

Head accessories (Headbands, scarves, hairpins, etc.). They can be black, to add a charming touch to your dress. Or, adding a colorful head accessory is a great way to add a subtle splash of color.

How To Accessorise A Little Black Dress - Step 5

A simple scarf, that protects you from the cold, both around the neck and over the shoulders is another way to accessorize your dress. The scarf can be black in color for a more classy look, or grey for a toned-down style, or even colorful or in an ethnic print for a fun, summer touch to your outfit.

How To Accessorise A Little Black Dress - Step 6

When putting together your accessories, make sure that they work in harmony with one another. For example, if you opt for a red belt, make sure not to combine it with a pink hairpiece, as these two colours will clash.

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  • Combine accessories depending on the occasion.
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How To Accessorise A Little Black Dress