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How To Wear Ballet Flats

Alice T Breeze
By Alice T Breeze. Updated: January 16, 2017
How To Wear Ballet Flats

Ballet flats are an all-time classic, there's no denying it! This comfortable piece of footwear has survived fashion trends to fit on women's feet whenever they want to stay comfortable but still want a touch of class. There are many ways of wearing ballet shoes, but at OneHowTo we'd like to give you some tips and advice on how to wear ballet flats so you look as gorgeous as possible.

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Steps to follow:


Ballet flats are a great option for those women who are shorter in height and don't feel like wearing heels. Why? Even if you are wearing ballet flats with jeans, showing some leg will create the illusion of being taller without cutting the leg in half. This is why it's recommended not to wear 7/8 pants and go for longer trousers, skirts or short dresses.

How To Wear Ballet Flats - Step 1

If you are tall and want to wear ballet flats, these shoes are a great option if you don't want to stand out in a crowd. In this case you'll look great with below the knee skirts and 7/8 pants or jeans to get the perfect casual look.

Plus, if you're tall, a great advantage of flats is that they can also look great for a night out or more formal occasion if you combine them with a beautiful dress.

How To Wear Ballet Flats - Step 2

But what about color combination? A with any piece of clothing, balance is essential when combining ballet flats. If your flats are monochrome, you can be more daring and go for floral pants or jeans and and a patterned shirt. If your flats have two or more colors, it's important to combine at least one of them with another clothes item and not to overdo the rest of your look with too many colors, keep it simple. For example, wear red ballet flats with lighter and cooler colors such as grey, jeans, black or white.

Don't wear lighter ballet flats than your trousers if you are worried about looking too short.

How To Wear Ballet Flats - Step 3

If you haven't got the exact color of clothes to match your shoes, another great idea is to use a belt or a handbag in the same color as your flats to create the perfect combination.

On the other hand, if you are planning to wear ballet flats with jeans and a white shirt, a great way to give some style to your look is by adding a bit of color with a colorful scarf, go for paisley for a truly Parisienne style.

Remember that accessories can make a difference in your look!

How To Wear Ballet Flats - Step 4

And now, the big question you've been asking yourself if you are not used to wearing flats: What to wear under ballet flats? The answer is easy. Though some people choose not to wear any socks underneath, it is not the most hygienic idea as your feet will probably start smelling after a while. Purchase special ballet socks that can be found in most of the main brands' clothes shops.

Once you've slipped your flats on, just make sure that they don't rub against your skin, you can apply a discreet band aid or similar in order to avoid any nasty blisters.

How To Wear Ballet Flats - Step 5

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Hi, with some lower cut flats no show socks migth still be a bit visible, at least in some situations, to minimize this, you might wear them in a color that matches your shoes, or, especially if they are more consitently with a contrasting one which styles it so it looks like a frame for the instep.
Or you might wear more open cut ones, D'Orsay style, wash your feet consistently at least once or twice a day, depending on your activities and climate, dry your feet well. You might use talcum, insoles, moleskin as they all help protect shoes and feet.
In alternative you can just wear ankle socks and own it with style, paired with skirt and bare legs it's unconventional according to common classic sock guidelines, for which when you wear socks or foot underwear in general, their top hemline should not be visible when standing up, but that doesn't mean you can't break free from guidelines while still looking awesome
Plus they have the advantage of not hiding legs the least. Think about them as an anklet, a decorative accessory.
Unless you wear them with pants, then the sock hem will be hidden as it meets the pant's, just wear light ones in summer.
You might consider wearing open toe flats, they reduce the chance of excess sweating while, maintaining the overall style of flats
If showing toes is not your style and this is a slight compromise, don't wear nail polish or just not colored ones. You might wear a color which blends with your shoes, though.
Otherwise, just wear your favorite colors on your nails and toenails :).
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How To Wear Ballet Flats