How to Clarify Skin Using Hydrogen Peroxide

By Mary Smith. Updated: June 6, 2017
How to Clarify Skin Using Hydrogen Peroxide

One of the many properties of hydrogen peroxide is its capacity to remove stains from clothing and skin. Some of the most common uses of hydrogen peroxide is lightening armpits, eliminating a lemon stain or getting rid of dark spots on the skin. Clarifying skin with hydrogen peroxide is very simple, that is why in this OneHowTo article, we explain exactly how.

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Steps to follow:

Prior to clarifying the skin with hydrogen peroxide, you must know that many people can suffer allergic reactions or burns, particularly in the area of the face. Therefore it is recommendable to avoid using this technique on your face or at least run a test prior to doing so by dabbing some drops behind your ears to verify how your skin reacts. Remember that the skin of the face is more sensitive than the rest of the body.


To clarify the skin with a hydrogen peroxide you will need a solution of 6% (20 volumes). The hydrogen peroxide sold in pharmacies to disinfect wounds won't work because it contains a very small concentration of hydrogen peroxide. Also, a solution of over 20 volumes could create abrasive reactions on the skin, worsening the problem. For this, make sure that you have a solution of exactly 6%. You can also whiten teeth with hydrogen peroxide and baking soda, see our step by step guide.


The first thing we must do is wash well the area of the skin that you want to clarify. Use a bit of soap, rinse and then dry with a towel.


When the area is clean, you can exfoliate the skin that you want to clarify with the hydrogen peroxide. Apply a little exfoliant and massage the area doing circulars movements. Then, rinse and dry with a towel.


To begin to clarify the skin you must dampen some cotton wool with the hydrogen peroxide solution. Apply cotton in the area of the skin you want to clarify, tap several times to ensure it becomes humid. Leave the hydrogen peroxide to act for 20 minutes.


Remove the hydrogen peroxide with warm water and dry the area with a towel. Repeat the proceedings if necessary. If during the procedure you notice reddening, this is normal. However, you must be alert to any other type of skin reactions. If eruptions, stinging or burning emerge stop the procedure and go to the doctor.


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Karen Merales
Is this hydrogen peroxide available at the Walmart stores?
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Karen,

It certainly should be, it is a staple for many people in terms of household cleaning and beauty. Their website also shows they have lots of different types to offer. Other than that, it would be subject to availability in your local store, but you should just as easily be able to get it from your local druggist.
If you use 3 per cent hydrogen peroxide, will it do any good.
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Ed,

It may work, but may not have much efficacy at such a low level. We recommend 6% solution for best results.
taye taiwo
Comment or question is hydrogen peroxide hot
Dr suresh
My skin rises white niss
How long does the effect last?
OneHowTo Editor
The skin regenerates its cells every now and then, if you see your skin darkening again, it will be after one month approximately.
I want to use hydrogen peroxide on my body not face can I mix it with my body lotion
How to Clarify Skin Using Hydrogen Peroxide
How to Clarify Skin Using Hydrogen Peroxide

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