How to Choose Perfume for your Age

By Sara . Updated: January 20, 2017
How to Choose Perfume for your Age

Grooming oneself is an essential part of growing up. Whether it’s men or women everyone changes their clothes, makeup and hair style with age. One more thing that should change as you age is your perfume. Choosing a perfume which complements your age will create a lasting impression on the mind of others. In this OneHowTo article we will tell you how to choose perfume for your age.

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  1. Teenage
  2. 20s
  3. 30s
  4. 40s and over


With puberty, both girls and boys start feeling more aware of their body, which is why people start using perfume at this age very frequently. If you're looking for the first scent that will define you, take a look at these tips.


Teenage girls are usually attracted towards sweet, floral and fruity fragrances. So, they have a wide range of perfumes from which they can have their pick. Also while buying perfume, teenagers should keep in mind that they have oilier skin as compared to older women. Go for berry-scented perfumes and fresh fragrances such as peach.


Adolescence is the time when the boys start to connect with their wild side. So, they can lean for a bold fragrance while keeping in mind to look for a youthful and distinct one too. Choose peppery fragrances and you won't go wrong.

How to Choose Perfume for your Age - Teenage


Once you've moved past high-school, you won't want to keep smelling like a lollipop for your whole life, you'll want a smell that denotes your newly gained independence.


This would be the period when girls prefer to smell just like their adored celebrities. So, brand names like Calvin Klein, Armani and others would be their first pick. Now is the time to move on to a more flowery scent, so go for jasmine, rose or cypress that will attract anyone you wish.


At this age boys are struggling to create a balance between landing a job and impressing the fairer sex. So, they like to choose fragrances which are within their financial grasp and have a balance between the intense smell and freshness of their youth. Add some spices to citrus scents to stand out from the rest.


Reaching the age of 30 means you are starting to make advances on your life goals or are in tracks to making your dreams come true. This is why your fragrance should let the world know you've grown up and you are the person you want to be.


30s are the time when women have gathered experience both in their professional field and in the personal field too. So, there is a greater sense of their achievement and understanding of who they are. With an experienced nose at this age it is easy to decide about the perfume which complements both their body and their lifestyle. Also, at this age they begin to match their fragrance along with the season too. Go for more subtle fruity fragrances such as plum in the summer and musky flowers at fall and winter.


The 30s can be a bit difficult time for men as they slowly realize that they have to shake off their choices which were done in their youth. But when it comes to fragrance no one likes to smell like an old man. Since, this is a time when you are getting to know the more mature side of yours it is the best time to experiment with Oud. Oud perfumes have fragrance which is described as warm and woody while sometimes it is smoky and sweet.

How to Choose Perfume for your Age - 30s

40s and over

Maturity has long sunk in, but being in your 40s only means that you are much more secure of yourself than you were before and that you know exactly what you want. Choose perfume for your age that reflects that.


Women in their 40s are sophisticated in every aspect of their lives. That’s why they connect nostalgia with everything that happens in this age. The women of this age group prefers niche brands and luxury brands of perfumes and are especially attracted towards the ones which has unique notes. They look for mature and sophisticated fragrance, which is why you should go for scents based on spices and incense.


40s are the time of cigars, sharp suits and country walks for men. This is the time when the youthful feeling of "I don’t care" starts coming back. So, this is the age when men can experiment with a bolder fragrance than ever. So, just get out to the store, experiment and enjoy life while smelling like a man, go for woody and smoky scents that will accentuate your character.

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How to Choose Perfume for your Age