How to Care for Your Hair after a Keratin Treatment

By Sara . Updated: January 20, 2017
How to Care for Your Hair after a Keratin Treatment

Keratin is a naturally occurring protein in human hair which makes the hair smooth and straight. But often girls complain about unruly frizzy hair. For such hairs, Keratin hair treatment is one of the best option, as it allows to straighten the hair without using any heat. Keratin treatment is a semi–permanent, hair smoothening treatment. The result is healthy, straight and shiny hair. But simply Keratin treatment does not guarantees your dream hair. You must take care and follow some set of rules for the keratin treatment to last. In this article we're going to explain you these rules so you know how to care for your hair after a keratin treatment.

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No wet hair for 3 days

After keratin treatment wetting your hair for at least 3 days is strictly prohibited. This means you can't wash it or wet it in the swimming pool or the sea. It is also not even recommended to sweat too much, as it would make the hair wet. This is because water washes away the protein from keratin treatment which will leave marks in hair.

Shampoo free of sulfates and sodium chlorides

After keratin treatment it is very important to use the right shampoo. Avoid those shampoos which contain sulfates such as sodium lauryl sulfate or sodium laureth sulfate and sodium chlorides. Using these shampoos will remove protein from your treatment and leave your hair frizzy and unmanageable again.

There are natural alternatives to shampoo that work just as well and they are not that harmful for the hair.

No clips or ponytails for few days

After keratin hair treatment you must not use hair clips or tie your hair in a pony tail for a few days. It is better that you keep your hair down and straight for some days, as clips or ponytails might leave dent in your hair. When some days have passed you can start using a soft hair band to tie the hair.

How to Care for Your Hair after a Keratin Treatment - No clips or ponytails for few days

Use silk pillow at night

It is a universally known fact that silk pillows prevent hair from tangling by preventing friction between the silk and hair. So, after keratin treatment use silk pillows for long lasting effects of the treatment. Your hair will look better in the mornings and you won't need to wash it or detangle it many times.

No need to use extra products for hair

When you start washing your hair after keratin treatment you should avoid using extra products on hair such as gels, hair spray, mousse and other products. Your keratin treatment will hold the hair in the right style. After washing simply blow dry your hair and you would be ready to go. Use of extra products will weigh down your hair and make them look dirty and lifeless.

Re–treatment with keratin

After having the first keratin treatment you must get the second treatment done within 8–12 weeks. This is because the keratin treatment must be done again before the effects of first treatment fade away completely. Due to this the coating will get stronger and it will last longer in the future.

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How to Care for Your Hair after a Keratin Treatment
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How to Care for Your Hair after a Keratin Treatment

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