Acne and rosacea

How to Care for Skin with Rosacea

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Care for Skin with Rosacea

Rosacea is a cyclical inflammatory condition which is often chronic and many people who have it experience relapses or remissions over the course of their lifetime. It appears most commonly on the face and cheeks, but can also spread to the neck and back of the head. It's main symptom is of skin irritation and redness, but more severe patients can experience bumps or pustules which can be both painful and distressing. Although the exact cause has yet to be determined, nor is there a bona fide cure, there are treatments which can help reduce or even eradicate symptoms.

Keep reading this article on How to Care for Skin with Rosacea and help to reduce or prevent any symptoms you might be experiencing.

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Steps to follow:


As skin affected by rosacea often tends to be sensitive, we need to be extremely tender and gentle when washing our face. It is especially important to avoid skin exfoliation. Some misconceptions about rosacea mean that people treat it like acne, but doing so can cause even more damage. We recommend washing your face gently twice a day with a mild non-additive soap or a non-abrasive cleanser. Afterwards, pat the dry skin with a soft cotton towel, do not rub with anything too fluffy.

How to Care for Skin with Rosacea - Step 1

Should your dermatologist prescribed some kind of topical medication, it is important to apply it directly after cleaning your face and 10 minutes before applying any other creams or make up. This allows the active ingredients in the medicine time to penetrate the skin and get to work.


Applying sunscreen is essential for people with this condition. For proper rosacea skin care, you must select a skin protector with a minimum UV factor of 30 and apply it to your skin every day that you might be in direct sunlight. This will protect you from nasty UV rays and help minimise the chances of rosacea outbreaks.

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To reduce symptoms of redness, irritation and itching, it is important to use a emollient moisturiser that creates a protective barrier against moisture and debris that may cause skin damage. There are creams specifically designed to care for skin with rosacea which contain ingredients that soothe the epidermis and reduce the appearance of redness, so you can ask your pharmacist to advise.

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Another fundamental aspect in caring for skin with rosacea is to choose products which are not physically or chemically abrasive to the skin. Often the best way to ensure that this is the case is to use products which are as natural as possible as synthetic skin treatments can be harmful to skin regardless of any preexisting condition. However, even 100% natural products can be damaging to sensitive skin. Astringent lotions, exfoliating agents, products containing alcohol, peppermint, eucalyptus oil, salicylic acid, etc. should be avoided at all costs.


As for make-up, you should avoid dense resistant bases and, instead, choose one that is not irritating. Opt for something that is free of any nasty oil. Mineral make-up is usually a great alternative for skin with rosacea, since it's far less irritating and is usually good for combating redness.

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Diet is also very important when caring for skin with rosacea. It is recommended that you avoid alcohol, caffeine and food which is too spicy. You should also moderate your consumption of red meats, chilli or curries and chocolate.


We hope that this information has been useful in finding out how to treat your condition, but we also have other ideas on how to best treat rosacea.

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How to Care for Skin with Rosacea