Permanent Lipstick

How to Apply Permanent Lipstick

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 25, 2017
How to Apply Permanent Lipstick

Does your lipstick seem to smudge the second you apply your make-up? Get your look back on track with some intensely coloured lips and a colour that stays on for longer. The solution lies in permanent lipstick. Yes, this is a thing now! These are now cosmetics designed to last a long time and honestly, they mop up the floor with cheaper lipsticks that last for barely five minutes. Permanent lipstick means make-up stays perfect for hours and hours, even if you're while eating, chatting, drinking or maybe even stealing a kiss. To learn more about this fantastic product, keep reading our OneHowTo guide on how to apply permanent lipstick.

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Steps to follow:


You may be doubting whether there is even a difference between normal lipstick and permanent lipstick, but we swear it works! Compared to the older and messier lipsticks, long-lasting lipstick is formulated with a much higher concentration of pigment, even more wax and, conversely, a smaller percentage of oil. The result is a colour that is flawless and intense. The best part is that it stays in shape for hours without any need for a touch up!

How to Apply Permanent Lipstick - Step 1

The only major drawback of wearing permanent lipstick is that it can give you dry lips if you're a bit too generous with the lipstick wand. Our advice is that before you start to slap it on, take a few minutes to moisturize your lips with a good lip balm to keep them hydrated and protected. This way you will avoid the appearance of cracks and little hairs. Check our article on how to get rid of dry lips for more tips!

If you don't have balm you can also use some good natural products to prevent dry lips. Try things like honey, Shea butter, aloe vera and almond oil, among others. You can also exfoliate your lips at home with natural remedies.

How to Apply Permanent Lipstick - Step 2

This type of lipstick is usually available in pen or pencil and brush form, as if it were a standard gloss. For the best results, we recommend choosing products with a thinner applicator for painting on your lips with greater accuracy and to avoid making strokes that go beyond the natural shape of your lips. This is an important point because unlike other lipsticks, with permanent lipstick any mistake you make whilst applying it will be very difficult to correct and eliminate. So be extra careful not to mess it up!


To apply permanent lipstick, start by painting the upper lip to define your cupid's bow with the lipstick brush. Draw a 'V' in the middle, lining your cupid's bow and then apply the applicator to the corners of your mouth. Then move on to the lower lips, following the natural contour of the lips, starting from the centre and then apply it to the ends. Open your mouth slightly and check that there are no gaps or areas of the lips without any coverage. Finally, even with wet lipstick, carefully close your lips so that the finished product is distributed well.

And after this, if the result is not convincing and you want to give yourself even more striking lips, then apply a second coat of lipstick and hey presto! You?re ready to go!

If you?ve not had much practice, it is best that, before using permanent lipstick, you profile your lips with a pencil that is similar to the cosmetic product. That way you won?t end up with Joker lips.

How to Apply Permanent Lipstick - Step 4

If you make a mistake and accidentally end up with clown lips, there's no need to stress. You've got to act quickly and calmly to avoid a disaster. That's because once it's applied, this stuff quickly blends in. Just wet an ear bud in waterproof make-up remover or something stronger. Clean away the little stain and apply a corrector on top to camouflage any imperfection. Hopefully that solved your problem!


As a final touch, let's pull out all the stops. Slap on a good dollop of transparent gloss right in the centre of the upper lip and the lower lip. In this way, your lips will shine and be the focus of everyone's attention.

PS. Don't forget that 'less is more', so if you choose an intense lip colour, it's best to be subtle with the eye make-up.

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How to Apply Permanent Lipstick - Step 6

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How to Apply Permanent Lipstick