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Essential Oils to Increase Breast Size Naturally

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 20, 2017
Essential Oils to Increase Breast Size Naturally

Many women have a complex about their breasts and might have considered the surgery to enlarge her breasts to have a more feminine and sensual figure. However, we at OneHowTo would like to tell you that resorting to such measures is not necessary. There are some natural ingredients that have certain properties that play a part in stimulating hormones and making breasts grow naturally. Some of these ingredients are essential oils, which can help you increase your breast size in a natural way. In this OneHowTo article we'll give you information about essential oils to increase breast size naturally, so you can start using them.

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  1. Sesame oil for breasts
  2. Fennel oil for the bust
  3. Increasing bust size with emu oil
  4. Wheat germ oil for breasts
  5. Massage to increase breast

Sesame oil for breasts

One of the best essential oils for increasing bust is that prepared with sesame seeds. Sesame seeds have many nutrients such as proteins, phosphorus and iron among others. It is an ideal product for blood circulation and this, in turn, helps boost breast size. We will need to perform daily massages so the powerful properties of this oil can penetrate into the skin and renovate the cells.

Sesame oil is usually used by menopausal women as it has regenerative and stimulating properties. This is due to its production of oestrogen, the female hormone that is responsible for developing the most characteristic feminine attributes (breast growth, high-pitched voice, etc.). In addition, it is a natural antioxidant, which is also beneficial for our breasts because it combats cell death, making breasts look firmer and therefore more voluminous.

Fennel oil for the bust

Another of the best methods for increasing breast size naturally is fennel oil. In fact, it is one of the components most commonly used in creams which are intended for this purpose. Fennel firms the chest area and it improves elasticity of the skin, but is also rich in flavonoids. This is a component that plays a part in the production of oestrogen, increasing its production and thus creating a visible increase in breast size.

You should know that the fennel seeds are recommended for mothers who are breast-feeding as it contributes to form breast milk and, for this reason, it is also considered to boost breast growth and improve uterine tissue. Therefore, massaging the area with this oil is a great way of increasing cleavage size.

Essential Oils to Increase Breast Size Naturally - Fennel oil for the bust

Increasing bust size with emu oil

Another way to boost breast growth is to use an essential oil derived from a bird, the emu. In fact, this product is used in many beauty treatments such as those used for hair loss, preventing premature wrinkles or moisturising hair in depth. It is a very popular essential oil in Australia and is increasingly used in other countries as more and more people are taking advantage of its properties.

Among them is its ability to promote breast growth as it acts as a stimulant for the birth of new cells and thus regenerates and nourishes the skin naturally. It is composed of essential fatty acids and successfully firms bust, moisturises and progressively increases bra size.

Wheat germ oil for breasts

Another of the best essential oils to increase breast size naturally is wheat germ. Included among its wealth of properties is its ability to improve blood circulation, which allows nutrients and oxygen carried by the cells to reach this area perfectly, enabling them to develop and grow a little more.

In addition, this oil is also rich in vitamin E which deeply hydrates and keeps breasts firm, which is why it is ideal in preventing them from drooping. It also prevents premature aging because this vitamin fights free radicals, the main agents that age skin.

Essential Oils to Increase Breast Size Naturally - Wheat germ oil for breasts

Massage to increase breast

The method for using these essential oils is simply to massage them into the area. If every day you spend 15 minutes massaging this area, your body will absorb the properties into the deeper layers of the skin. After about 5 or 6 weeks you will begin to see some results.

These massages are very easy to carry out. All that's needed are some of the aforementioned oils. Rub the oil into your fingertips and move with a circular motion over one of your breasts. These movements should be inward and must ensure that all fingers move over the chest. Do so for 15 minutes to stimulate blood flow and make nutrients reach the body quickly. Then switch to the other breast.

Try to do this massage every night before going to sleep to stimulate breast growth. Given that it is a natural remedy, it is important that you are consistent and do not give up at the first opportunity. It is a slow process, but over time, you will see results.

In OneHowTo we give you more tips to enhance your breast.

Essential Oils to Increase Breast Size Naturally - Massage to increase breast

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Essential Oils to Increase Breast Size Naturally