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Benefits of Epsom Salt for Hair

Elsie Goycoolea
By Elsie Goycoolea. Updated: January 16, 2017
Benefits of Epsom Salt for Hair

Many hair products contain nasty chemicals that will leave your hair extra dry or super oily. Sometimes going minimal when it comes to hair and beauty routines not only saves you money; but ensures that you are only treating your body with healthy and nourishing ingredients. Epsom salt is most commonly used when added to salt baths to increase blood circulation and induce relaxation. Epsom salt is proving to be an excellent all natural alternative if you are looking for soft and vibrant hair.

In this oneHOWTO article we explain the benefits of Epsom salt for hair.

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  1. Why use Epsom salt?
  2. Epsom salt for oily hair
  3. Epsom salt to moisturize hair
  4. Epsom salt for hair loss
  5. Epsom salt to add volume to hair

Why use Epsom salt?

Epsom salt is made of naturally occurring magnesium and sulfate. Many people nowadays are deficient in magnesium, a mineral that promotes relaxation, muscle recovery and sleep.

Epsom salt can be easily absorbed through our skin layer providing numerous benefits such as increased blood circulation, decreased muscle and joint pain; as well as, helping in the elimination of toxins.

Most people would be surprised to know that Epsom salt works for both oily and dry hair without the use of abrasive or damaging ingredients. In fact, you can make your own Epsom salts at home.

Benefits of Epsom Salt for Hair - Why use Epsom salt?

Epsom salt for oily hair

Most hair products for oily hair will unfortunately dry out hair ends by trying to remove the oil from the roots. This means that most people will need to buy a hydrating hair conditioner to add some silkiness to the bottom ends.

However, just using Epsom salt a few times per week by rubbing it on your scalp you can naturally reduce the excess oil from the scalp.

Epsom salt to moisturize hair

Epsom salt is argued to help nerve function and promote blood flow by activating the internal mechanisms of the body. Often, a lack of hydration is the result of a deficiency in minerals and nutrients that can be resolved by massaging some Epsom salt into the scalp.

Epsom salt is easily absorbed into the pores supplying the body with magnesium and sulfates needed to activate the digestive system function.

Benefits of Epsom Salt for Hair - Epsom salt to moisturize hair

Epsom salt for hair loss

One of the reasons why many people start losing their hair is due to taking on too many commitments and carrying with them a lot of stress. Stress causes inflammatory markers in the body to spike up and depletes the body of nutrients.

If you know you have a hectic life you will most likely be deficient in magnesium and you will start to notice how your hair health will suffer. Epsom salt can replete those missing nutrients and may help stop the hair loss.

Benefits of Epsom Salt for Hair - Epsom salt for hair loss

Epsom salt to add volume to hair

Thick, voluminous hair is part genetics, part proper nourishment. When your hair is cautiously taken care of and you are making sure the products you use are adequate for your hair, you will notice a big difference in the appearance of your hair.

Epsom salt is a natural and chemical-free hair product that is recommended to help restore damaged hair by adding vibrancy and volume. Choosing to add Epsom salt to your hair routine will help you bring back your beautiful, blooming hair. You can take a look at other tricks to give fine hair a volume boost too.

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Benefits of Epsom Salt for Hair