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Baby Foot: Japanese Treatment for Soft Feet

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: August 31, 2020
Baby Foot: Japanese Treatment for Soft Feet

Would you like to to have feet that are soft and beautiful like a baby's? Now you can easily have them by using a revolutionary treatment from Japan that is already fashionable in many countries around the world.

With this treatment your feet will receive a completely natural peeling that removes all dead skin cells and leaves the feet very soft and without calluses or cracks. Keep reading this OneHowTo article to know how to use Baby Foot: Japanese treatment for soft feet and discover how to carry out a homemade version if you cannot purchase it.

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Steps to follow:


Factors such as a lack of hydration, spending many hours standing up, wearing shoes with hard soles or of an inadequate size and being overweight, among others, are among the factors primarily responsible for the appearance of cracks and calluses on the heels.

The treatment known as Baby Foot has been developed precisely to solve this problem as it subjects feet to a painless peeling process with many astringent and softening natural extracts that remove all the dead cells in record time, combating dryness and hard skin. The result is truly amazing as the dead skin comes off and a new layer emerges, leaving feet as beautiful and soft as those of a baby. First, we'll explain what does the Baby Foot treatment contain so that you know what to expect when you buy it. The package includes:

  • Two plastic socks or booties, one for each foot, containing gel inside.
  • Sticky tape to perfectly seal the socks. Each sock will need about 3 pieces of sticky tape.

In the following sections we will show you in detail how to apply these so you can get the expected results. You can buy the treatment online in stores that specialize in the sale of cosmetic and dermatology products.

Baby Foot: Japanese Treatment for Soft Feet - Step 1

Before you start using this Japanese treatment for soft feet you need to properly prepare your feet for the occasion. In order to let the natural extracts act favorably and remove all the accumulated dead skin, the feet should be completely clean and free of residues.

First of all, wash your feet thoroughly with a little soap and warm water, focusing on cleaning the nails and areas between the toes. Remove nail polish if you're wearing it. Once that's done, dry your feet with a towel ensuring you leave no damp parts.

Baby Foot: Japanese Treatment for Soft Feet - Step 2

Once your feet are perfectly clean you can start the peeling by carrying out the following steps:

  1. Take the plastic socks and cut along the dotted lines with scissors so that you can insert your feet in them.
  2. Put a sock on each foot and seal properly by applying the pieces of tape that come in the pack in a way that they do not come off when you stand.
  3. You must leave these plastic socks on for one whole hour for the gel inside to act and effectively exfoliate. During this time you can walk a little around the house, but the best thing is that you relax and remain lying or sitting down.
  4. After an hour has passed you only need to take the socks off and rinse with water to remove the gel.

It's that simple! Note that Baby Foot socks are not reusable - you can only use them once.


Once the Baby Foot treatment is done avoid immediately applying a moisturizer on your feet. You can use one after - and not during - the peeling process.

This process usually lasts between 7 and 10 days, when the dead skin will drop and new skin will emerge, although timing can vary depending on the person. It can reach a total of 2 weeks, approximately. After this time you will see the true results and be convinced by the effectiveness of this Japanese beauty trick.

Should you notice that your feet are not as soft as expected you can re-apply the treatment after 2 weeks from the first application, but it is best that you use it only every two months.

Baby Foot: Japanese Treatment for Soft Feet - Step 4

It has been noted that Baby Foot can be used when suffering from foot conditions such as athlete's foot or psoriasis on the skin of the feet. In fact, the treatment appears to help improve these.

However, before trying it out we recommend you perform a small test to make sure it will not worsen the condition. To do this open one of the socks and apply some of the gel that is contained inside and rinse it off after an hour. If during the next 48 hours you notice swelling, itching or redness do not use the treatment.


If you cannot get hold of the Japanese Baby Foot treatment but want to get similar effects on your feet, making them softer than ever before, then you can also make the following homemade version that we show here at OneHowTo. It is a popular remedy for dry feet and cracked heels which works similarly and gives incredible results.

What will you need?

Very simple: an exfoliant, a pumice stone, a pair of cotton socks and one super moisturizing body cream, like Nivea.

How can you do the Baby Foot treatment yourself?

As you shower, apply an exfoliating lotion on your feet and give them a massage in circular motions. Run the pumice stone over the areas with corns, calluses and cracks. Then, before you go to bed, smear your feet with moisturizer by applying a generous amount and then put on the cotton socks and sleep with them on through the night.

The next morning you will see how your feet look renewed, extra soft and have no traces of dead skin.

Baby Foot: Japanese Treatment for Soft Feet - Step 6

This is how to apply Baby Foot: Japanese treatment for soft feet. Your soles and heels will look soft again!

If you've tried it and have some advice, or have more ideas or tips for home remedies, tell us all about it in the comments section.

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Baby Foot: Japanese Treatment for Soft Feet