How To Remove Ingrown Leg Hair

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 20, 2017
How To Remove Ingrown Leg Hair

Leg hair removal to make our skin hair-free, soft and beautiful, is a constant activity in our beauty routine. However, there are often some hairs that get stuck beneath the skin which can be very unsightly and they can also become infected and cause discomfort. Although they seem impossible to remove, you should know that it is possible to do if you follow the advice in this OneHowTo article on how to remove ingrown leg hair.

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Steps to follow:

Firstly, it is important to remember that if you don't remove ingrown leg hair properly and in good time, they may become infected, causing damage to the skin such as redness, irritation and pain. If you detect or suspect the presence of an infected ingrown hair, it is best not to try to remove it yourself and see your doctor for them to perform the procedure for you.


To remove ingrown leg hair the first thing you should do is gently exfoliate the area you are going to treat. This step will remove dead skin and ingrown hair will come to the surface more easily. You should exfoliate the area softly, with a light exfoliating lotion that does not irritate the skin. In the shops you can find exfoliating products especially for removing ingrown hairs, so these are an excellent choice for this task.

How To Remove Ingrown Leg Hair - Step 2

Another of the best tricks for finally removing ingrown leg hair once and for all is to apply hot compresses to the area. Just soak a clean compress or gauze pad in hot water and place it on the ingrown hair for at least 10 minutes so the skin will soften and it will be easier for the hair to come up to the top layer of the skin.


Once you have tried the above two methods and checked to see that the ingrown hair has finally come loose, you can remove it more easily and without damaging the skin. We recommend using eyebrow tweezers for this, which you have previously sterilized in boiling water to prevent the area from becoming infected. Grab the ingrown hair firmly with tweezers and carefully remove it, checking that you do it from the root to make sure it will completely remove it.


Voila! Finally, don't forget to apply an antiseptic product which will prevent infection in the area. One of the best natural antiseptics is aloe vera, so apply some aloe vera gel which will simultaneously hydrate the skin and encourage skin regeneration.

How To Remove Ingrown Leg Hair - Step 5

For more specific information on more delicate areas you can read the following:

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How To Remove Ingrown Leg Hair
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How To Remove Ingrown Leg Hair

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