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Home Remedies to Relieve an Itchy Beard

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: August 28, 2017
Home Remedies to Relieve an Itchy Beard

The beard is becoming more and more popular and facial hair is definitely back in fashion. However, one thing that must be dealt with by all men who are letting their beard grow is the annoying itchiness that presents itself with greatest intensity during the the first days after shaving. It can be a real pain for quite a prolonged period and may even put some men off growing a beard at all.

However it is possible to make the situation bearable and relieve the itchy beard feeling naturally with a few simple tricks that will also make your chin look flawless. Pay attention to this oneHOWTO article and discover how to relieve an itchy beard.

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  1. Wash your beard with soap
  2. Apply conditioner
  3. Dry your beard properly
  4. Apply oils for an itchy beard
  5. Trim frequently
  6. Stop itching immediately

Are you letting your beard grow? We advise you to be patient and remember that during facial hair growth it is normal to have itching on the face and a slight flaking of the skin. Do not be alarmed, in time this unpleasant feeling usually disappears as the dermis becomes accustomed to the presence of the hair.

Still, you can always relieve an itchy beard and care for it by following the advice that we share below, advice that will also help keep the beard in perfect condition and make you feel super attractive.

Home Remedies to Relieve an Itchy Beard -

Wash your beard with soap

An important step to stop beard itch is to wash it every day making use of a specific soap for cleaning facial hair. It is not advisable to use the shampoo that you usually use for your head as head-hair is not as hard as beard or facial hair, which will also require the lotion to contain anti-allergic properties. If you do not have a special soap for beards, baby shampoos can be a good choice to leave facial hair completely free of debris.

Home Remedies to Relieve an Itchy Beard - Wash your beard with soap

Apply conditioner

Once you have washed out the soap with warm water it is time to apply a basic product that will also help avoid that annoying itching on the face. This is the beard conditioner, which must be applied and left for a few minutes so that the hair becomes much softer and prevent it from tangling should it be too long. Rinse thoroughly with warm water at the end.

Dry your beard properly

The drying of the beard must also be done correctly. It is important that you always use a soft, clean towel and avoid the use of the dryer; if you do dry your beard with the hair dryer do so only at a medium/low temperature. Then you only have to comb it to make it orderly and clean.

Apply oils for an itchy beard

It is necessary to moisturize the beard by applying a balm or natural oils as an itchy beard remedy, such as hemp oil, which specifically treats itchiness, to penetrate the skin of the area and stop it flaking or drying out excessively. This action is also essential to calm the itching. Currently, thanks to beards being in fashion, the world of cosmetics has focused on creating specific products for beard care and you will find all kinds of lotions with excellent ingredients to nourish facial hair and offer a pleasant fragrance.

Home Remedies to Relieve an Itchy Beard - Apply oils for an itchy beard

Trim frequently

To trim and shape your beard electric razors or scissors work better than manual razors because the latter can cause skin irritation and more itchiness. If you do not know how to shape it or cannot get the style you want it is best that you go to a barber to have him trim to the desired finish. Do not forget to also check your beard regularly for possible ingrown hairs and remove them with tweezers. This last step will really help as ingrown hairs are one of the main causes of itchy beards.

Home Remedies to Relieve an Itchy Beard - Trim frequently

Stop itching immediately

To stop beard itch immediately, apart from washing with water, there is a home remedy that will give you immediate relief. Apply aloe vera gel and massage gently on your skin in order for the gel to penetrate properly.

Your beard grows little or too slowly? To accelerate growth you can use simple natural treatments that will help reduce the waiting time and make your beard look lush and grow longer.

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Home Remedies to Relieve an Itchy Beard