How To Relax Facial Skin

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How To Relax Facial Skin

Sleeping well, resting and hydrating oneself are some of the keys that will help you have healthy, cared for and beautiful skin. Daily stress and routine tensions deteriorate our health and our body; on the face, for example, this can cause a loss of elasticity or facial wrinkles. In we teach you how to perform various facial exercises to have a flawless skin; for this we explain how to relax facial skin and achieve this objective. Practice these muscle exercises daily and you will look much more beautiful without having to apply further substances on your skin.

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Steps to follow:

Skin hydration is essential to make it look pretty. To do this we recommend that you apply facial moisturisers to oxygenate, relax and improve the state of your face. For maximum muscle relaxation, we suggest using a moisturiser with ylang ylang oil. If your cream does not have this essence, you can add some drops yourself.

How To Relax Facial Skin - Step 1

Another foolproof method for relaxing facial skin is taking infusions of chamomile or tilia leaf tea. Its antispasmodic properties help you relax muscles and your mind. It is very common for spas or hot spring areas to offer their guests mint or chamomile tea to help decrease stress.

How To Relax Facial Skin - Step 2

A facial massage is perfect for moments when you are under stress as it will help you release tension and revitalise the skin of your face. You can do this daily because you only need between 5 and 10 minutes to complete this task.

How To Relax Facial Skin - Step 3

To start relaxing, breathe deeply and try to calm down. Then rub your hands to warm them and place them on pressure points, such as around the eyes, temples, forehead or nose. You must move your hands in circles to stimulate these areas and improve the muscle tone and complexion whilst releasing tension.

How To Relax Facial Skin - Step 4

Thanks to these exercises you will get to experience a variety of rewarding sensations caused by the heat of the hands, the darkness from closing the eyes and the general calmness. Also, this facial massage will stimulate both blood circulation and natural collagen production. You can also massage the scalp to eliminate tension on the face.

How To Relax Facial Skin - Step 5

Practising disciplines like yoga will help relax the face. With this type of exercises you will learn to control your emotions and stay calm and relaxed. You should attempt to consciously relax your muscles so that the results are more effective, especially in the face.

In addition, try some techniques to reduce anxiety and stress to maintain a peaceful, balanced life. When you are relaxed inside, it will show on the outside as well.

How To Relax Facial Skin - Step 6

Finally, we recommend using facial patches at night. Before bed, position the patches on the forehead and the exterior of the eyes and the corners of the lips. With them you will help strengthen and tighten your facial muscles.

Remember, taking care of your face and skin, relieving stress and staying relaxed will help you have a good complexion and delay the appearance of wrinkles and blemishes. Take Care!

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How To Relax Facial Skin
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How To Relax Facial Skin

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