How to prevent spots on your face

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to prevent spots on your face

Spots on the face may be due to a multitude of factors: hormone changes, dirt accumulated in pores, oily facial skin, bad food and even hereditary factors when it comes to the most serious cases of acne. Despite this there are ways to reduce and prevent its appearance by following some advice which we at now share so you can discover how to prevent spots on the face.

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Steps to follow:


Facial hygiene is very important, especially in the case of oily skins. It is recommended you wash with a water based neutral soap or a tonic when you wake up and before going to sleep because during the day the sweat, pollution and environmental particles pile up in our pores, producing spots.

How to prevent spots on your face - Step 1

Although many people ignore exfoliation it is one of the indispensable beauty tricks to keep spots away because it helps getting rid of the dead cells responsible for filling the pores. Once a week exfoliate your face with special products.


It is not necessary to go to a beauty salon to deeply cleanse your face, it is enough to go to any store with beauty products and purchase a cleaning mask that you can apply every two weeks. This will help to maintain your face free of impurities and thus preventing spots in a very simple way.

Or, if you want to save up even more, you can make your own face masks.


Diet is vital to prevent your face from filling with spots. Control consumption of fried foods, junk food and foods with high fat content they put your body to the edge and reflecting this in many occasions in the appearance of your face

How to prevent spots on your face - Step 4

Add fruit and vegetables to your diet that are rich in vitamins and anti-oxidants which will help you have far healthier and beautiful skin, including that of the face

How to prevent spots on your face - Step 5

Hydration is also very important to eliminate toxins from the body through the urine. Drink at least two litres of liquid per day including mineral water, teas and natural juices and you will notice the difference in your face.

How to prevent spots on your face - Step 6

Although the emergence of spots is due to many factors an appropriate facial hygiene and a healthy and balanced diet will help to control and improve the problem significantly. Try it and you will see.

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  • After washing your face it is important that you dry it with a towel gently and softly pressing because if you do so harshly you could worsen the appearance of your spots.
  • It is very important that at home you clean, exfoliate and care for your face to control and avoid the emergence of spots
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How to prevent spots on your face