How close the open pores on your face

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How close the open pores on your face

A beautiful and attractive skin is the product of many factors: genetics, our diet, the moisture and care that we can offer on an external level. But it is not only about protecting ourselves against the sun or using cosmetic creams that maintain its good condition, it is also a question of carrying out regular cleaning and ensuring we keep it in good condition. In we give you the step by step guide to of one of the most basic cares for your face, discovers how to close the open pores on your face to make it look perfect.

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Steps to follow:

Our facial skin deals with pollution, dust, high temperatures and oils that our own skin produces daily. All of these factors mean that impurities accumulate in our pores and obstruct them making these open, that is why it is important to clean our face on a regular basis.


For starters you must maintain a daily cleaning routine by washing your face thoroughly and always removing make-up because going to bed with a dirty face will only make the pores open faster, as well as encouraging premature ageing.


Use special lotions and cleaners special for your type of skin, in particular if you have oily skin because you will be more likely to accumulate impurities in your pours. Always read labels before buying any cosmetics. If you are unsure which are the better ingredients for you it is recommendable you consult a dermatologist who can provide you with a list of recommendable products according to your complexion.

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In addition to daily care, every 15 days you can apply a cleansing mask which will have a deeper effect. On the market there are a number of options that will allow and remove accumulated impurities and exfoliate your skin, removing the dead cells and making it brighter soft and beautiful. You can also choose to make a homemade aloe vera mask.


You can make a good exfoliant which is 100% homemade and effective on a base of natural yoghurt and oats, apply this to your face rubbing delicately and then leave for a few minutes. After apply a tonic and your moisturising cream and you will get perfect skin in minutes.


Another effective mask is that of honey with refined sugar which has a fantastic effect by eliminating the dead cells of our skin and favouring the closure of pores. To achieve it follow the same instructions of the previous mask and you will see excellent results.

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  • A very specialised care is not required to keep our skin beautiful, it only requires a little attention.
  • Remember that the key to combating premature ageing lies in the daily care given to our complexion

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How close the open pores on your face
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How close the open pores on your face

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