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How to make a papaya hair mask

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 20, 2017
How to make a papaya hair mask

Papaya is not only remarkable for its delicious taste but also because it is a great fruit for hydrating hair and nourish it from root to tip. Its rich content of beta-carotene makes it an excellent ingredient to combat dry hair, repair the damaged parts and contribute great strength and shine. Do not miss this OneHowTo article if you want to know how to make a papaya hair mask.

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Steps to follow:


The ingredients you need to develop this papaya hair mask are:

  • 1 good quality papaya
  • Honey
  • extra virgin olive oil

Once you have collected all the ingredients take the papaya, remove the skin, rinse a little and remove the excess water with a cloth. You just need half of the papaya for the mask, so you can cut it and make a papaya face scrub, eat it or store the excess. With a spoon remove the black seeds located in the centre of the papaya and chop it with a knife.

How to make a papaya hair mask - Step 2

Next put the pieces of papaya in the food processor bowl. Add a spoonful of honey and one or two tablespoons of olive oil. You can add a little extra olive oil if your hair is too dry or dehydrated. Blend all the ingredients until a smooth mixture is reached.

How to make a papaya hair mask - Step 3

When you see that you have a creamy texture pour the mixture into a container and you are ready to apply it. First, rinse the hair and apply the papaya mask on damp hair, focusing especially on the tips to repair split ends them and make them look healthier. Leave to rest for about 30 minutes and then rinse and wash your hair as you normally would. Remember to always do so with tepid water to avoid damaging the hair fibres.

How to make a papaya hair mask - Step 4

This is a wonderful homemade papaya hair mask with which you will notice you hair is more silky and shiny. If you want you can also prepare other effective masks for your hair bases on papaya and natural yoghurt or a great formula with papaya and aloe vera which is ideal to combat unruly and frizzy hair. Do not hesitate to try them!

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How to make a papaya hair mask