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How To Know If A Diamond Is Real

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How To Know If A Diamond Is Real
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You have a jewel and you do not know if the bearing is bright diamond or not? Pay attention to the following article, as we explain here at OneHowTo.com how to recognize a diamond. With these simple tips, you will know whether your brilliant diamond is real or not. If you cannot tell, you can always take it to an appraiser. If you want to know if a diamond is real for yourself and determine its authenticity, note the following tricks.

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Steps to follow:


Reflections. The first step to know is a diamond is real or not is to observe the possible diamond very carefully. Diamonds, as with many gemstones, have a particular shine. You must make sure that the reflections are a grayish color, though some color may also be visible. If so, it is more likely to be a real diamond than if the reflection shows more colors than the amount of grey and white. Remember, if it is too shiny and colorful it may be fake, so pay attention!

How To Know If A Diamond Is Real - Step 1

Reading. This trick can work wonders. Place the diamond on piece of written paper, a book or a newspaper. You will be able to determine the authenticity if you know can read the text clearly through your diamond. If you can, it is a fake diamond, if not, you are likely to have a real diamond in your hands.

How To Know If A Diamond Is Real - Step 2

Air. The vapour given off by air is a good ally to know if your diamond is real. Breathe deeply on it. If this exhalation of air is left on the stone for a few moments before evaporating, the diamond will be fake. If it were real, breathing on it wouldn't do anything.

How To Know If A Diamond Is Real - Step 3

Water. The last trick to know if a diamond is real has to do with water, as this fluid can also help you to recognize a diamond. The weight of the stone will be crucial, because if the diamond were real it would sink immediately. If it were false, the weight would be lower so it would float on water. Check it out!

How To Know If A Diamond Is Real - Step 4

If the diamond is attached to a ring or other piece of Jewelry you should check if the piece that it's attached to is also good quality material, as diamonds will most certainly always go with expensive materials such as gold, silver or even platinum.

How To Know If A Diamond Is Real - Step 5

If doing all these checks has not yet made clear the diamond's authenticity, see a professional. A jeweler will make you an approximate appraisal and may determine for sure if your diamond is real or fake.

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How To Know If A Diamond Is Real