How To Highlight Green Eyes

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How To Highlight Green Eyes

Some say that charm is not found in the colour of the eyes but in the look they give, although no one can deny that green eyes are beautiful. However, they often go unnoticed. Why? Because if not accompanied with the perfect makeup and a hair colour that suits them, they may end up hiding all of their charm and going unnoticed, like many other pairs of eyes. If you want to take advantage of your eye shade, create a look that has an impact and highlight your features, read the advice that we offer in this OneHowTo article closely to learn how to highlight green eyes.

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Steps to follow:

The first thing you need to know to highlight green eyes is that the key lies in the colour eye shadow that you use. Many colours help this eye tone, but nude or neutral eye shadows are the most suitable, as they allow green eyes to be the protagonists. Keep a palette of various neutral or beige tones in your make-up bag and do not rule out shiny colours as they will give light to your look.

How To Highlight Green Eyes - Step 1

Another tone of eye shadow that is ideal for green eyes is a range of purples. Purple highlights green eyes while creating a more dramatic and elegant look. This tone is ideal for use in evening makeup, for parties or very important events, as it adds seriousness to your look.

How To Highlight Green Eyes - Step 2

Discard black or brown eyeliner and instead use grey. Black is very striking, so if you draw your eyes with a dark colour, you end up detracting from the colour of your eyes and giving prominence to your makeup. Grey is much softer and provides depth to your eyes, while highlighting the colour of your green eyes.


If you are the type who cannot go outside without using eyeliner on your lower lid, use a chocolate coloured pencil. Brown eyeliner on the bottom of the eye does not usually call as much attention as black eyeliner and it allows the tone of your eyes to be the main protagonist of your makeup.

How To Highlight Green Eyes - Step 4

Another way to highlight green eyes is by having a hair colour that allows your eyes to be even more on show. Contrary to what many women think, blonde hair is not the colour that suits them. When it comes to hair, you should ideally have a dark or reddish brown colour so the green of your eyes is highlighted in contrast with the dark hair.

How To Highlight Green Eyes - Step 5

You can also paint your eyes with golden colours. This gives a bright tone to your look and allows your eye colour to be even more on show because of the brightness it brings. Choose golden eye shadow over ones that are matte or brown.

How To Highlight Green Eyes - Step 6

To emphasise green eyes, avoid makeup with brown, black, green, blue and pink shades. A very daring look is to put a coral shade on your eyelids which, along with the green of your eyes, creates contrast and will highlight both tones in a modern but very summery make-up. Red wine is another colour that will help to highlight your eyes.

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How To Highlight Green Eyes
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How To Highlight Green Eyes

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