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How To Get Eyelashes to Curl

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How To Get Eyelashes to Curl

The archetype of perfect eye lashes:curled, thick and with volume. However, most people are a long way from achieving this because it is common to have either one or the other, in other words, thick but not curled eyelashes or long but fine eyelashes. When the goal is to curl eyelashes to perfection, there are many tricks which can help us get the dreamed look. Read this advice from OneHowTo with attention where you will find several ways to get eyelashes to curl.

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Steps to follow:


The main trick to get eyelashes to curl is to use eyelash curlers. This accessory helps get a stunning look when used correctly, otherwise it can rip all your eyelashes out. The trick is to choose a curler which has a good rubber support so you don't damage your lashes. When using it, insert your lashes as far as possible, start to raise your hand towards your eyebrow so that the eyelashes start to curve and finally apply pressure a couple of times.

How To Get Eyelashes to Curl - Step 1

Prior to the invention of curlers, a trick to make eyelashes curl all women used was to use a spoon. This trick is very easy to do, you only need to put your eyelashes between a spoon and your thumb, then press the eyelashes onto the spoon to create the curvature. It is recommendable to do so by sections and using either the edge of the spoon or the back.

How To Get Eyelashes to Curl - Step 2

Among the most innovative tricks for eyelash curling is the thermal curler. This is a curler acting through heat, similarly to a dryer, the effect is incredible. However, one must take care when using it because you can burn some areas on the lid and even the eyes. The ideal thing to do is to protect them with a bit of almond oil which will also strengthen your eyelashes as well as protect them from the heat. For a captivating look it is best to put pressure on the curler as if it were a mascara brush.

How To Get Eyelashes to Curl - Step 3

To curl your eyelashes, sometimes you only need a good mascara. Select a brand that offers more than one effect: extend and curl or curl and volume. Similarly, mascaras with an oval brush (with the curve of the eyelashes) are much more efficient, since this design allows further lift of your eyelashes and combs and avoids bits forming.

How To Get Eyelashes to Curl - Step 4

Applying mascara correctly is essential to curl eyelashes. A trick that never fails is to do zig-zag movements with the brush whilst applying the mascara. This allows your lashes to separate, open and lift more. You can also try to put pressure on the eyelashes when passing the brush, the best way is by closing and opening the eye, as you'll allow the eyelashes to be the ones that comb with the brush, and not the brush that combs the eyelash.


Remember to thoroughly remove the make-up afterwards. Mascara makes eyelashes hard and dry and is one of the main causes of their loss. If you want long and thick eyelashes move the mascara carefully, an alternative is to do so with almond oil, because it eliminates make-up and hydrates the area.

How To Get Eyelashes to Curl - Step 6

If you have short eyelashes and want the to grow long and strong you may want to know how to grow naturally long eyelashes.

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  • If you want your eyelashes to look curled for longer you can heat your eyelash curler with a hair dryer before using it. Be careful not to burn your skin.
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How To Get Eyelashes to Curl