Tips for Natural Long Eyelashes

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 20, 2017
Tips for Natural Long Eyelashes

Over the years your lashes may become less bulky and fall out more easily; it is a natural process caused by the weakening of our hair.

However, there are some tricks to getting longer eyelashes which involve some simple instructions that will help you flaunt a daring and spectacular look. At OneHowTo we give you some tricks to getting natural long eyelashes which take into account both internal and external care.

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Steps to follow:

One of the tricks to getting longer eyelashes is achieved with a little chamomile. You should boil a golden trumpet flower with water and when it boils, remove from the heat letting it cool down slightly. Then you should dip a cotton ball in it and wipe the area around the eyelashes; you should especially make sure that the area is clean and that you have no makeup on. This beauty treatment must be repeated every night and within a month you will begin to notice results.

Tips for Natural Long Eyelashes - Step 1

Extra virgin olive oil is also good for helping you to have long, beautiful eyelashes. For this treatment, you just have to put a little oil on a brow brush and run it over your lashes.

You should leave it on overnight to hydrate and strengthen your lashes and the next morning, remove with a cleansing lotion. Within weeks you will see how your lashes are brighter and stronger.

Tips for Natural Long Eyelashes - Step 2

Another trick to getting longer eyelashes is using green tea. The rich concentration of antioxidants and flavonoids means that this tea cleanses and regenerates lashes. To make this beauty treatment you should just apply green tea to a cotton ball and wipe over the eyelashes.

Tips for Natural Long Eyelashes - Step 3

Castor oil is also another home remedy ideal for getting longer eyelashes. This oil helps hydrate, strengthen and grow eyelashes if you put it on daily with the help of a cotton ball or directly with your fingertips. You must leave the oil on overnight and the next morning, rinse with lots of water.

Tips for Natural Long Eyelashes - Step 4

Now you know some tricks to getting longer eyelashes, however, it is important that you consider these tips that will help you show off fantastic lashes:

  • Don't overuse mascara
  • Don't rub your eyes too much
  • Avoid using an eyelash curler
  • Remove makeup carefully around eyelashes.
  • Consume foods that contain keratin and that will aid the growth of eyelashes. Some of these foods include chicken, fish, eggs, rice and pulses.

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  • You will start to appreciate the results after one month but to see your full effect you'll have to keep on using these remedies for 3 months at least.

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Tips for Natural Long Eyelashes
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Tips for Natural Long Eyelashes

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