How to Make your Eyelashes Look Longer

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Make your Eyelashes Look Longer

At some point, we've all asked why everyone wants long eyelashes but not everyone has them. Fortunately, the world of cosmetics offers many options to make your eyelashes look longer without having to use false ones.

Long eyelashes make your eyes stand out more, allowing you to better show them off and are the key to stunning makeup. At we'll give you some tips on how to make your eyelashes look longer without having to wear fakes.

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Steps to follow:

To make eyelashes look longer, there's an indispensable tool that you must have, an eyelash curler. This beauty tool has many opponents who claim that it harms the eyelashes, making them fall out and become weak. The truth is that if you know how to use it properly, this won't happen and you'll achieve the long eyelashes that you've always dreamed of.

The trick is to properly use the eyelash curler as close as possible to the base of the eyelash, close it without using any pressure and leave it for 15 seconds. When the curler is closed, tilt your hand up so that your eyelashes adopt this shape.

Learn more tricks to make your eyelashes curl for alternatives to an eyelash curler.

How to Make your Eyelashes Look Longer - Step 1

If your lashes grow in different directions, apply some almond oil and arrange them with a brush before applying mascara. This will allow for easier mascara application, making your eyelashes look uniform and long.

How to Make your Eyelashes Look Longer - Step 2

Another trick to make your eyelashes look longer is to use mascara with a curved applicator. These brushes iron your eyelashes, so you can flaunt them in all their glory. If your eyelashes grow downward, when you use the mascara brush, pull your hand up to increase their length.


A home remedy to make eyelashes look longer is to apply talcum powder or baby powder before applying mascara. After you put on the mascara, apply more talcum powder and then retouch the mascara. If you're allergic to talcum powder, you can replace it with Vaseline and you'll get the same effect. Both products allow the mascara to adhere better, making your eyelashes longer.

How to Make your Eyelashes Look Longer - Step 4

You can also create an optical illusion, making your eyelashes look longer. It's very easy. Using a black pencil, outline the part of your eyelid where your eyelashes touch the skin. Ideally, draw a very thin line to have it look as natural as possible and not look deliberate. If you don't have a pencil, you can use a liquid eyeliner. This trick will visually hide where your eyelashes start, so they'll seem longer. Learn how to apply eyeliner according to your eye shape for best results.


The way in which you apply mascara can also help your eyelashes appear longer. Blink at the same time that you apply the mascara. This movement creates pressure against the applicator and irons and combs your eyelashes, creating more length and volume.

How to Make your Eyelashes Look Longer - Step 6

After applying several layers of mascara, use a transparent mascara. The effect of one product over the other, not only will make your lashes look more lush, but they'll also look longer due to the extra volume.

If you want your eyelashes to grow naturally, check out our article tips for having longer eyelashes.

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How to Make your Eyelashes Look Longer
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How to Make your Eyelashes Look Longer

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