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How to Dress for a Club for Plus Size

How to Dress for a Club for Plus Size

Managing a plus size wardrobe on a daily basis can sometimes be challenging in terms of finding the right clothes that suit your style versus settling for comfy clothes. When it comes to dressing up for a special occasion, stakes are even higher. We want to look great, feel feminine and empowered. One of the most common misconceptions when you are a curvy lady is fashion risks. Instead you may be tempted to pay more attention to covering up your body. However the last thing you want to do when out in the club, is worry about your apparel. Thus at oneHOWTO, we help you prepare and give you advice on how to dress for a club for plus size and make the most of your night.

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  1. Determine your body's strong points
  2. Colors
  3. Catalogues for inspiration
  4. Accessorize

Determine your body's strong points

Every woman's body is different, regardless of size. Two women of the same size may actually have completely different bodies and will wear the same clothes differently. One of the first steps to dressing for a club for plus size, is to determine your body's strong points and choose clothes that will bring them out. Is it your shoulders? Your waist? Your hips? Depending on what it is, you may go for an off the shoulder or an asymmetrical dress. You might find it helpful to choose your party dress according to your body type, which will make your body's strongest points stand out.


Though you may have been accustomed to wearing black for the sake for convenience, you might want to try to incorporate more colors and patterns into your wardrobe, especially if you are going to dress up for a party. You want colors that show more of your personality, anything from mint green to apricot. Even white might be a good option once it complements your body shape.

How to Dress for a Club for Plus Size - Colors

Catalogues for inspiration

Many brands such as Eloquii or Asos offer a variety of options for how to dress for a club for plus size. The brand Avenue has even a special section dedicated to helping plus size women to find the dress that fits them, based on their body shapediamond, hourglass, triangle and bell. Generally speaking, browsing through catalogues can also help you feel more confident about your wardrobe choices. And if you cannot find similar clothes directly in your area, you can always order them online.


Finally, what you need to bear in mind is that style is personal, it is a statement. How to dress for a club for plus size involves accessorizing. Remember that accessorizing is about enhancing, complementing. However, you must be careful not to overdo it. What would you like to draw people's attention on? If you have a long neck, you might try dangling earrings or a belt to define your waist. Heels naturally elongate your legs. Sequin, lace or embroidered apparel are also good choices for the touch of glamour they add.

Choose a part of your body that you would like to enhance and accesorize it. Don't put accesories everywhere as it might draw too much attention and look too over-loaded.

How to Dress for a Club for Plus Size - Accessorize

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How to Dress for a Club for Plus Size