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How Long do Piercings Take to Heal?

Rebecca Doughty
By Rebecca Doughty . Updated: January 16, 2017
How Long do Piercings Take to Heal?

It's always pretty cool when you get a new piercing, and there's plenty of places on your body to get pierced if you choose to! But one thing to consider before getting a new piercing is the healing process. Different body parts take different lengths of time to heal, some longer than others. Of course during this time it's your responsibility to keep your new piercing clean to prevent infection. If you're considering a new piercing it's good to know how long the healing process takes, so here at OneHowTo we're going to tell you how long piercings take to heal.

  1. Ears
  2. Nose
  3. Facial piercings
  4. Nipple piercing
  5. Navel piercing
  6. Genital piercings


If you choose to get your ear lobes pierced, it's not a long healing process at all. Your ear lobes will usually heal within 6 weeks if you care for them properly. Ear cartilage, for example your tragus or helix (the curve of your ear), can take anywhere between 2 and 4 months to heal as it is a much more sensitive area.

How Long do Piercings Take to Heal? - Ears


Nose piercings are increasingly popular with both men and women. The healing time for a nose piercing varies depending on which piercing you decide to get. A nostril piercing usually takes 4 months to heal completely if cared for correctly. A septum piercing will usually heal entirely within 6 months. Caring for your nose piercing properly can help speed the process along however cartilage piercings vary depending on the person. If you've recently had a nose piercing, why not browse this OneHowTo article on different types of nose piercing jewelry.

Facial piercings

Piercings on your face such as lip or eyebrow tend to heal fairly fast and can be healed within 8 weeks. Lip piercings can swell at the beginning so using ice to calm the swelling can help, but be careful whilst eating and drinking that you do not agitate the piercings as this can cause infection and prevent healing. Tongue piercings heal fast too, if cared for properly, usually within 3-6 weeks due to your mouths natural ability to heal itself.

Nipple piercing

It probably goes without saying that this is a fairly sensitive area to get pierced, however a nipple piercing can take between 3 and 6 months to heal, depending on how well your body takes to the piercing. Women need to be particularly careful when allowing this piercing to heal as tight fitting clothing such as bra's and crop tops can sometimes aggravate the area.

Navel piercing

The belly button piercing is very popular and looks great once it's healed. A navel piercing will usually heal within 3 months with the proper amount of care and cleaning, however it is recommended not to change the belly bar for 6 months as this can sometimes irritate the scar tissue within the piercing.

How Long do Piercings Take to Heal? - Navel piercing

Genital piercings

Again, a tender area to get pierced. Genital piercings tend to take around 5 months to heal, however it's best to refrain from any, er, activities until the area has fully recovered. The Prince Albert piercing, a piercing through the tip of the penis, takes around 4-6 weeks to heal completely. A clitoral piercing is roughly the same, taking around 6 weeks. Avoiding tight fitting underwear and clothing will prevent the piercing from becoming sore or inflamed and aid the healing process too.

Every body heals at different paces. These are merely average guidelines and it is possible that you heal faster or slower than the times given above. Remember that new piercings need cleaning regularly to prevent infection. If you think a piercing has become infected or your body seems to reject the new jewellery, consult this OneHowTo article on how to treat an infected ear piercing or, if the infection looks serious, visit your GP or local body piercer for a professional opinion.

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How Long do Piercings Take to Heal?