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Different Types of Tongue Piercings

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. April 22, 2022
Different Types of Tongue Piercings

Piercing is a fashion which has never been obsolete. Although the practice has been around since ancient times, new trends and techniques have manifested over the years. Some of them are more socially accepted than others. To some, it is this very rejection of society which makes the piercing so desirable. The tongue piercing is one which has gained more levels of acceptance, but is still not popular among certain mentalities. Whether you want to get your tongue pierced because you want to rebel or simply because you like the style, you should know your options.

At oneHOWTO, we provide our list of the different types of tongue piercing you can get. Take a look at the methods and styles of tongue piercings on offer with our photos of the different procedures. Which one do you love and which would you hate?

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  1. Center tongue piercing
  2. Tip of tongue piercing
  3. Venom piercing
  4. Horizontal piercing
  5. Surface tongue piercing
  6. Frenulum piercing
  7. How do you pierce a tongue?

Center tongue piercing

The main photo of this article displays perhaps the most common type of tongue piercing. This is the one which is placed in the center of the tongue. There are various reasons for this. The center is the largest part of the tongue, so it is more likely to remain securely in place. This is partly due to the fact it is the best area of the tongue in terms of healing. It won't be knocked about as much and there is more flesh to close over.

Another important factor is that being in the center, it is less likely to knock against teeth. One of the negatives of a tongue piercing is the fact it can wear away the enamel of our teeth if the metal piercing has a chance to knock against them. Also, being in the center of the tongue means it is easier to hide. You can enjoy it when you stick your tongue out, but it won't be noticeable with your mouth closed.

Tip of tongue piercing

Another of the different tongue piercing types is the one that is placed at the tip. It is similar to the traditional central piercing, except that it is placed on the anterior part of the tongue. An anterior placement has certain risks. You should know that this type of piercing can be felt in terms of weight. It may even change how you talk, at least until you get used to it. It will also need more care due to its exposure, it is more visible and it can more easily be caught between the teeth.

If you do get an infection on this type of piercing, consult our guide to treating an infected tongue piercing.

Different Types of Tongue Piercings - Tip of tongue piercing

Venom piercing

This type of tongue piercing is a bit more intense than the previous two. It is generally positioned in the central part of the tongue, just like the central piercing. In this case, instead of piercing the tongue from top to bottom, it is creates two horizontal and parallel perforations that are in the central area of the tongue, joined by an elongated and internal perforation.

The result is two parallel perforations in the middle part of the tongue. Since there are many nerves and veins in this area, it must be done with special care. It will also require a curved perforation to avoid exerting too much pressure.

Horizontal piercing

This type of piercing follows the same logic as the Venom style. The difference is that it is moved to the tip of the tongue, piercing the entire tip of the tongue and resulting in two lateral perforations on the sides of the tip of the tongue. To do this, a straight horizontal hole is usually made. It is a fairly large perforation, so extreme care must be taken. It is also more likely to work its way out due to being both horizontal and closer to the end of the tongue.

Different Types of Tongue Piercings - Horizontal piercing

Surface tongue piercing

The surface piercing is a hybrid between the Venom and the horizontal. It transfers the aesthetics of the Venom to the tip of the tongue, resulting in two piercings for the price of one. It is located on the surface of the muscle, without crossing from side to side. Due to the many nerve endings in this area, it can be very sensitive to perform.

Frenulum piercing

It is one of the least visible tongue piercings, but it is still very popular. This may be partly due to its ability to stay hidden. It is placed in the frenulum. This is the part of connective skin which anchors the tongue to the mouth. It is located under the tongue. It is a very fine tissue so it does not usually have many problems when it comes to healing, but it can come out more easily than a center piercing.

If you want to know more about different piercings, take a look at out article on how to heal an infected industrial piercing.

Different Types of Tongue Piercings - Frenulum piercing

How do you pierce a tongue?

The first thing you should consider is what type of piercing you want to get. Once you have decided, you should go to the piercing center or clinic with your mouth thoroughly washed and disinfected. The steps to pierce a tongue with a central piercing are as follows:

  1. Inspect the tongue to see its morphology.
  2. Mark with a marker the area where the perforation will be made.
  3. Hold the tongue with forceps with a hole and leave the area of the marker mark on the visible part.
  4. Insert a sterile hollow needle from the bottom to the top of the tongue.
  5. Place the metal bar in the hollow area of the needle.
  6. Remove the needle while inserting the bar and close it with the ball or other type of piercing end.

This piercing usually takes about two months to heal completely, so success lies in following the care instructions to the letter during this time. If you still want a piercing, but don't want a tongue piercing, maybe you could check out our list of different nose piercings.

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Different Types of Tongue Piercings