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What are the Benefits of Using Glycerin Soap

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
What are the Benefits of Using Glycerin Soap

There are many types of soaps that we can use to clean our skin, but the ones that respect the most the pH of the dermis are the healthiest options. Glicerin soap is the best alternative in this case. This soap adapts perfectly to the structure of the skin, eliminating impurities without causing any harm or irritation. Furthermore, it catches dampness of the air to maintain the dermis well hydrated. In this OneHowTo article we'll explain you more about this product and the benefits of using glycerin soap.

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  1. Very moisturising
  2. Calming effect
  3. Neutral pH, perfect for all skin types
  4. It improves oily skin
  5. Anti-age action
  6. Where to buy glycerin soap

Very moisturising

Glycerin is a natural oil that is used in the preparation of soaps and moisturizers for its outstanding hygroscopic properties, i.e. for its ability to readily absorb moisture from the air. Glycerin also atracts water, keeping it in the skin. For this reason, using glycerin soap allows the tissues of the skin to always be hydrated and nourished.

These moisturizing properties of glycerin make it a great product to treat dry skin and fight all the symptoms that this skin provokes. Thus, glycerin soap is useful to treat itchiness, redness, or rough areas on the skin. If your skin is constantly dry glycerin soap is very effective for you, as it will allow your skin to renovate from the inside and you'll feel it softer and more beautiful.

Calming effect

The moisturizing properties together with the antibacterial and calming properties make glycerin soap perfect to treat dermatitis or eczema. This skin condition causes inflammation in the superficial layers of skin which causes redness and dryness of the skin as well as itching. To cure this condition you need to apply products that keep your skin hydrated throughout the day, that reduce the discomfort and that regenerate the tissues. These three necessities can be covered perfectly by glycerin.

Besides, daily use of glycerin soap creates a very strong natural barrier on the skin that protects it from microorganisms that can harm it.

What are the Benefits of Using Glycerin Soap - Calming effect

Neutral pH, perfect for all skin types

One of the biggest benefits of glycerin soap is that it's suitable for all skin types, from oily skin to very dry and delicate. This is due to its neutral pH, very similar to the pH from the skin. Thus, glycerin adapts perfectly to the skin and favours its natural balance.

Glycerin is not an aggressive product, and contrary to other industrial soaps, it cleans the skin and moisturizes it without harming it in any case. In fact, glycerin soap is even recommended to clean baby's skin.

It improves oily skin

As we've previously said, glycerin is perfect to treat any type of skin. If you have oily skin with acne, glycerin soap is perfect as it deeply cleans the skin and reduces the excess sebum that accumulates on the face. This will help you get rid of impurities, pimples and blackheads, as well as preventing shines on your face.

To clean your oily skin with glycerin soap, clean it in the morning and before going to bed. By following this cleaning routine you'll notice your skin less oily and with a more beautiful appearance, free of imperfections.

What are the Benefits of Using Glycerin Soap - It improves oily skin

Anti-age action

Glycerin soap is useful for many things, also to keep your skin young. This is due to its moisturizing, nourishing, protective, antibacterial and regenerating properties. All these properties work together to conserve elasticity and flexibility of the skin.

And not only this, its capacity of retaining water in the skin slows down the aging process, preventing expression lines and wrinkles to appear.

Where to buy glycerin soap

Glycerin soap is easy to find, you can buy in any health store or in beauty specialists. It is also very affordable and you can even prepare it yourself at home following the steps from our article on how to make glycerin soap.

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What are the Benefits of Using Glycerin Soap