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How to Wear Wedge Sandals

By Sara . Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Wear Wedge Sandals

Love heels but hate the uncomfortable feel of walking long distance in it? Then wedge sandals are your perfect solution. Wedge heels are the best and most comfortable alternative to stilettos. It adds height to your frame and there is no difficulty in walking long distances in them. Besides, wedge sandals are highly fashionable right now. Wedge heels can be worn with a number of different outfits. But choosing the right wedge sandal to go with the outfit is crucial as it can make or break your look. Keep reading this OneHowTo article to find tips on how to wear wedge sandals.

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  1. With Jeans
  2. With a Dress
  3. With a Skirt
  4. With Shorts
  5. With Cropped Pants
  6. With Leather Pants

With Jeans

Wedge sandals go extremely well with jeans, especially skinny jeans. You can pair any type of wedge with skinny jeans and you look effortlessly fabulous in them. If you are wearing bell bottom jeans, boyfriend jeans or bootleg jeans,e then make sure that the hem of your jeans covers most of the wedge. This creates the illusion of a streamlined silhouette.

How to Wear Wedge Sandals - With Jeans

With a Dress

Wedge sandals with a dress will make you look effortlessly chic. It can be paired with both long and short dresses. Studded Wedge sandals with rhinestones or adorned with thin straps go extremely well with dresses. Wedge sandals go very well with shirt dresses, body hugging jeans dresses, cute summer dresses and even with summery long dress. Colorful open toe strappy wedge sandals along with a beautiful light colored summer dress will transform you into a fashion diva.

How to Wear Wedge Sandals - With a Dress

With a Skirt

With skirts you need to be a bit careful while pairing it with wedges. A form fitting skirt looks very unflattering when paired with wedge sandals. Any body-con skirts or pencil skirts should never be paired with wedge heels as it gives a very clunky appearance.

A fuller flowing skirt goes really well with wedge sandals.

With Shorts

Any wedge sandal will go very well with shorts. It’s just a case of mix and match and your personal style. You can experiment as much as you can with shorts and wedge sandals because you are bound to look fabulous in all of them.

How to Wear Wedge Sandals - With Shorts

With Cropped Pants

Caged wedge sandals looks fabulous with cropped pants. Team it up with a simple monochrome knit sweater and you will have a great casual wear.

With Leather Pants

Black leather pants with black wedge sandals can transform you into a runway model. Team it with an oversize sweater, cape or jacket and you are ready to rock the world.

How to Wear Wedge Sandals - With Leather Pants

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How to Wear Wedge Sandals