How to Prevent Cracked Heels

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Prevent Cracked Heels

The look of beautiful, healthy feet is often ruined by cracked skin on your heels. This cracked skin can occur as a result of extremely dry foot skin, not forgetting other factors such as inappropriate footwear, a lack of hydration, being overweight, standing for long periods of time, etc. To take care of your feet daily and keep them free of hard skin, read this OneHowto article and learn how to prevent cracked heels.

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Steps to follow:

Cracks in the heels tend to appear when the skin in this area is too dry and weakened. A fundamental step in preventing cracked heels is to take good daily care of your feet, as well as keeping them hydrated. Above all, ensure that after showering or bathing, you generously apply a moisturising body lotion cream to your heels and soles of your feet.

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And to keep your feet always looking perfect and preventing cracked heels, we recommend exfoliating your feet with a foot scrub at least once a week. First of all, bathe your feet, keeping them underwater for around 15 minutes in a container of warm water mixed with a little sea salts. Once they are perfectly clean, there's nothing better than taking a pumice stone to the damp skin and rub it on the areas prone to hard skin, particularly the heels and the balls of your feet. Finally, apply your moisturising body lotion and your feet shall be free of dead skin and feel soft and smooth.

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Inappropriate footwear is also a factor that leads to cracked heels. Therefore, you should always wear the correct shoe size, to avoid your heels from rubbing and choose footwear that will allow your feet to breathe. In addition, to prevent hard skin we should always wear socks with any kind of closed footwear, as well as padded insoles to stop the foot from rubbing against the inside of the shoe and thereby damaging the skin.


People who are overweight are more prone to developing hard and cracked skin on their heels. This is because this part of the foot in under greater pressure which affects the skin's elasticity and leading to this unsightly and bothersome condition. That is why it is vital to maintain a healthy weight by following a low-calorie, low-fat diet and to eat, in particular, fruit and vegetables for their vitamins and nutrients.

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Drinking plenty of water is necessary to keep the body healthy but it also works to keep your skin hydrated and beautiful. In addition, water helps to eliminate toxins, open the pores and protect the skin's elasticity for your whole body.

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In addition to hydrating your heels with shop-bought products, remember that there are natural remedies that offer excellent results in preventing cracked heels. Some of the most effective include: rosewater and glycerine mixtures, banana-based remedies and natural oils such as coconut oil.

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How to Prevent Cracked Heels
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How to Prevent Cracked Heels

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