How to look after your hair naturally

By Mary Smith. Updated: March 25, 2022
How to look after your hair naturally

We all want strong healthy and beautiful hair, but we're often led to believe that we need to use all kinds of expensive and time consuming treatments to achieve this. However, mother nature always has the best solutions. The way we look after our hair on a daily basis is the key to keeping your locks looking beautiful - and without needing to apply any hair products or professional treatments. At, we'll explain how to look after your hair naturally and leave it looking healthy and shiny.

Steps to follow:

Our daily habits have a greater influence on the appearance of our hair than any treatment you apply. Therefore, it is important to review and change our habits if the aim is to flaunt an impressive head of hair. Begin with your choice of products: always choose a shampoo, conditioner and smoothing cream that's appropriate for your hair type. These will help you maintain and enhance the condition of your hair effectively.


Do not overdo it with the shampoo when washing your hair. You don't need more than a teaspoon, or less depending on the length of your hair, to remove the dirt. Using a lot of shampoo only makes the hair follicles swell, giving hair a dull, dry appearance while making the scalp greasy. This is a common phenomenon among those who wash their hair too often.

How to look after your hair naturally - Step 2

Make sure you completely rinse out the conditioner or hair mask when washing your hair. Any residue will make your hair look dull. Remember that you should not apply it to your roots if you want to prevent your hair from becoming greasier than normal.


Brush your hair frequently and gently. Excessive rough brushing causes hair loss and breakage. It's best to brush your hair once a day, starting with the bottom of your hair, and working your way up. Make sure to be gentle with tangles and knots, as you can break off hair if you are too rough.

How to look after your hair naturally - Step 4

Do you always wear your long hair in a ponytail? Well it's time you knew that this is the main cause of premature hair loss. Wearing ponytails and updos too tightly weakens the hair, making it finer, so it's best to avoid using them every day.

If you can't stand wearing your hair down, perhaps it is time you considered getting it cut so that it doesn't bother you as much, and you could simply clip it back with a hair pin.

How to look after your hair naturally - Step 5

If you currently wash your hair every day, you should try to go a day without washing it at least once a week. This allows the natural oils to rehydrate your hair follicles, which is a big part of looking after your hair naturally. Find out some common mistakes that you are probably making while washing your hair.

How to look after your hair naturally - Step 6

A great way of drying your hair, without using a hairdryer for too long, is to wrap it in a towel after washing. But to do so without upsetting your scalp, avoid using excessive force. Wrap your hair up gently and leave the towel on your head for at least 5 minutes.

How to look after your hair naturally - Step 7

We love changing our look and working to improve our hair's appearance, but if you want to care for your hair naturally, hold back on the chemical products and treatments. Too much dyeing, drying, straightening and other techniques are detrimental to our hair, which is why you should opt for a more natural approach when changing or improving your look.


Nature is full of good ingredients for our hair that you can find in any shop and that will contribute to your glamorous locks. Avocado masks, a mixture of honey and banana, natural masks for dry hair or sweet almond oil are all excellent options to show off wonderful hair without applying a single chemical-based product.


Don't forget that your food and habits are essential for healthy hair. Having a balanced and healthy diet it is one of the best ways of caring for your hair naturally and revelling in your bright and beautiful locks.

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How to look after your hair naturally
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How to look after your hair naturally

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